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A child’s relationship with books and reading is as individual as the child themselves. Within families, there will be children who read voraciously while their siblings require constant encouragement to read. What can we do as parents to foster a love of reading, especially in our reluctant readers? Brisbane City Council Libraries offer kids’ reading clubs to help parents (and kids) find books they love and encourage them to enjoy reading together and registrations for 2019 are now open!

Join your local Brisbane City Council Library

Brisbane City Council libraries provide a wide range of services, events and workshops for families in addition to the thousands of books you can borrow. Their selection of books caters for every age group, interest and reading skill level, from the classics to the latest releases. With 33 libraries across Brisbane, there is a handy map to find one local to you. You can also look forward to the support of Council librarians who can help to match books with the interests and reading skill levels of your children. Library membership is free.

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Join a kids’ reading club

Once you have library memberships sorted, you can register your kids for the Brisbane City Council Libraries’ Gold Star or Little Stars Reading Clubs. The clubs have been designed to support children on their reading journey through a fun incentive program and it is completely free to join. The reading clubs offer families a perfect way to motivate both reluctant readers and to challenge those children who already love to read.

The Little Stars Reading Club

The Little Stars Reading Club is a three-month program designed for children between the ages of 0 and 5 (and their carers) and is hosted at Brisbane City Council libraries throughout the winter of 2019.

As well as being a great introduction to literacy, the Little Stars Reading Club is a wonderful way to connect and bond with your child. And the more books children read (or have read to them), the more rewards they will reap, which reinforces reading as a positive experience.

Gold Star Reading Club

The Gold Star Reading Club is a three-month program for children aged 6-12 years aimed at helping children improve their reading and literacy skills. Participating children will receive monthly rewards which act as an incentive to encourage further reading.

Many parents have noticed that a certain book or series of books will spark a child’s love for literature. This program is the perfect way to help children discover new books or rediscover old favourites, and then to share those positive reading experiences with family and friends.

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How to sign up for a reading club program

Parents can register their child either online via the Gold Star Reading Club form or the Little Stars Reading Club form, or at their local library. Before children can register, they must also be members of the library. Membership and registration are free.

How it works

Once registered, reading club members will receive a pocket book, which includes information about the program and a reading progress chart for the duration of the program.

Both programs commence in Brisbane City Council libraries on Wednesday 1 May and run until Wednesday 31 July 2019.

By reading a minimum of two books (Little Stars) or three books (Gold Star) of your child’s choice each month and recording the details in their pocket book, children can collect six (Little Stars) or nine (Gold Star) gold stars and monthly incentives.

Children who collect all six or nine gold stars are eligible to attend their local awards ceremony with their family, where they will be awarded a medallion and certificate of achievement.

For information about the Gold Star or Little Stars Reading program, you can visit your local library or phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

This article is written in partnership with Brisbane City Council

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