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Are you looking for kids classes in Brisbane? From pottery to golf right through to drama and cooking, our ultimate guide to children’s programs in Brisbane will uncover the best this city has to offer in the way of kids classes. Our categories grow all the time so make sure you check back often. Finding something that your child will enjoy doing might be trial and error or you might have been led here by their interest in a particular sport or artistic endeavour.

Some questions to ask as you try to find the best class for your child include:

Do you offer a trial class?

How much do you cost?

Where are you located?

What ages do you cater for?

How many kids are in the class?

Does everyone in the business have a blue card?

Tell me about a typical class/lesson/game?

Classes you will find on Brisbane Kids

You will find a range of classes on Brisbane Kids and its not exhaustive. We curate carefully so check back often as we discover new treasures across Brisbane.

Most of the local classes on Brisbane Kids offer holiday classes which you can find in our holiday workshops and classes section.

If you child has special needs you may be interested in looking at our section specifically focused on classes for kids with special needs. That said, the vast majority of advertisers will be welcoming to kids with special needs and you should contact them directly to see if they can support your child.

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Classes for creative kids

child with clay in art class brisbane

Music Classes 

Music classes are fun for kids, an opportunity to watch your child delight in the joy of moving to music and so much more!

There are more complex developmental reasons for music lessons too. According to Brisbane music therapist from Boppin Babies, Vicky Abad, “Music and speech are closely related, and the processing of both is nearly identical. Detecting patterns in complex sounds is an important building blocks to acquiring language skills”.

Drama Classes 

Drama classes are a wonderful way for kids to develop self confidence and project their personalities in a safe and creative environment.

Art and Craft 

Art and craft is one of the most diverse kids classes categories on the Brisbane Kids website. From pottery to mixed media and everything you could imagine to cultivate creativity. Check for different age groups and ask about the themes that might be on offer. This is also one of the categories that tends to provide an array of children’s holiday workshops offering a smaller taste of art activities.


Cooking classes are a rare treasure and hard to find even though we do our best to hunt them down. If you know of any that should be included on the Brisbane Kids website email [email protected]

Relaxation Classes 

Yoga classes and meditation present an opportunity to calm busy little minds and improve everything from mood, attention and even school performance. There are many recent studies that have demonstrated real world results. You can read more about kids yoga classes here

Classes for active kids

active classes with different sports in brisbane for kids

Sports Classes

Sport is something that will continue to give even when the game is over. Teaching teamwork, good sportsmanship, gross motor skills just to mention a few. For teens, sport is a great way to maintain confidence and build healthy peer relationships.

Gymnastics Circus and Cheer classes 

This is likely a category that will split over time because gymnastics, circus and cheer offer such different outlets for kids. Even within each particular sport you will find small differences, some more serious, some more casual and others just about having fun.

Swimming Classes 

Learning to swim is an essential skill for any Brisbane Kid considering we live in a climate where swimming forms a large part of leisure time in summer. It is worth enquiring at many different swim schools, asking about class sizes, cost, make up classes, teacher experience and learning methods.

Skating Classes 

Roller skating has changed a lot since the nineties and roller blades seem to be the flavour when it comes to roller skating. Ice skating classes are certainly something different to invest in though with limited locations across Brisbane. Many of the rinks also offer holiday programs for kids looking for a crash course < excuse the pun.

Martial Arts and Self Defense classes

Martial arts is a gift to the temperament of a child teaching them discipline, quiet and self confidence. Every different martial arts has its own set of strengths and skills to be learnt and in choosing it is worth doing a bit of internet research.

Pony clubs and horse-riding

Many pony clubs across Brisbane are listed under this category and as we opportunities we add them here. We are very particular about who we include and so while it is a popular category it is also slow growing. If you know of a horse riding school that should be included then email us at [email protected]

Rockclimbing and Abseiling

Outdoor, indoor and from very young ages (you will be surprised) you can deliver some challenging opportunities for your thrill seeking Brisbane Kids. Lots of holiday classes on offer at places like this as well.

Nature Classes

We suggest after checking this category you also search on our calendar as many of the nature classes are free and therefore qualify to be on our calendar to ensure they reach as big an audience as possible. Brisbane Kids like to encourage all kids to get outdoors as much as possible the way a childhood should be. Nature Play Queensland also offer workshops and fun activities throughout the year.

Educational Classes

stem, coding and language classes brisbane

Stem and coding

Coding is a new language and one that is essential for kids growing up in this generation. STEM stands for science, technology, education and maths and you will find an array of activities under this category from coding, drones, game design, 3d printing, science clubs and more.

Tutoring and language classes

Sometimes kids need a hand to keep up with the pace of the curriculum or simply some support in one area or in some cases tutoring is provided where a gifted student is identified. Language classes is a new but growing category for parents who want to encourage a second language.

Classes for babies, teens and mums

Playgroup Queensland and other playgroups

Playgroup membership is free at Playgroup QLD atleast until the end of 2017, so if you have young ones then make sure you check them out. Lots of local churches also run similar programs for new mums (and dads) or mums (and dads) of young children. All playgroups have their own vibe and from experience we would say that if the first one or two don’t suit then don’t be afraid to try a third time or fourth until you find your tribe. Life long friendships are made at playgroup and playgroup can give you a chance to get out of the house and spend some time with other parents going through a similar phase of life.

A variety of classes just aimed at babies

This is really just a collection of all the classes above which include babies as part of their class offering. It saves you from going through them all to find out what might suit you and your baby.

Classes for teens

Teenagers can seem hard to please but it is all about finding the right class at the right time. This new but growing category is all about “niche” and finding unique ideas to fill weekends. Kayaking has recently been added and is proving popular for teenagers looking for something fun and active to do.

Classes for mums for fitness and wellbeing

This class was created by demand and it is constantly being filled with yoga, gyms, group training etc. They often offer child minding or atleast the opportunity to bring ones child. These classes do from time to time fill up and so are removed but readded when more mums are needed.

We hope we have covered all the different types of classes you would be after. If you think we have missed anything please email us at [email protected]

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