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bopping babies

Boppin’ Babies

Boppin’ Babies annual holiday program, to raise money for Cuddalore orphanage, India, will be held  in January at Chermside. Sessions will include singing action songs and dancing, playing a range of percussion instruments including maracas, bells, castanets and drums, playing musical games with props such as parachutes, ribbons, scarves and bubbles, all the usual Boppin’ Babies fun!


WHEN:                  January 16th, 18th, 22nd and 24th

TIME:                    9:30 or 10:30

WHERE:                corner of Pfingst and Hamilton Roads, Chermside

COST:                    $10 for one child, $15 for a family

WHY:                     to have fun and raise money for Cuddalore Orphanage, India

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