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john oxley reserve

Little known, John Oxley Reserve delivers the opportunity to spend a day in the sun with your Brisbane Kids.

John Oxley Reserve – The Fun

If you were looking to uncover a new picnic spot then this is the northside Brisbane Park for you. The best thing about this park though is it has a short 1.5km bush walk down to the North Pine River. The playground, while better suited to older Brisbane Kids, is still a lot of fun for toddlers. I would suggest bringing scooters or bikes and balls to take advantage of the paths and green space.

John Oxley Park spans 10 hectares of public park and nature reserve. The nature reserve features a specially made bush pathway leading to a boardwalk by the North Pine River. Historical and educative information is positioned at the start and right along the walk which although a little bumpy is accessible with a pram. The nature reserve is home to 242 bird species, 13 mammal species, 8 reptile species and 8 amphibian species. It contains several different ecosystems ranging from dry and wet eucalypt forest to salt marsh meadows and mangroves.

The playground is located under the shade of some beautiful big trees making it an easy choice on a warm day. This Brisbane Park features swings, slides, a fort, climbing nets and other play equipment on both a bark and sand base. It also has a baby swing.

Imagination Factor

Listen for birds, have them guess when they think they are entering a different type of ecosystem, sit still on one of the many seats provided and wait to see what kind of wildlife comes out, and look out for Koala poo on the ground as there could be one near-by up a tree. We also spotted a lot of gumtrees with claw marks in them from the Koala’s climbing them. Only downside is you will need to bring insect repellent or you will get eaten. Pack a picnic lunch and go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Special Needs

There are wheelchair-accessible toilets at John Oxley Reserve. There are accessible walking paths, though several areas of the paths are bumpy and would be hard to manage with a pram or wheelchair. The playground is unfenced. Carparking is available on site.

John Oxley Reserve – The Facts

  • Playground equipment for a variety of ages over a bark and sand base
  • Unfenced playground
  • Shade trees
  • Swings (including an infant swing)
  • Slide
  • A fort
  • Climbing net
  • Playing fields
  • Climbing trees
  • BBQs
  • Toilets
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Carpark
  • Adjacent to Council-owned hall for hire

Another great northside Brisbane Playground is Northlakes Playground.

John Oxley Reserve is located on Ogg Road at Murrumba Downs.

This park review was updated in 2013.

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One response to “John Oxley Reserve at Murrumba Downs | Nature Reserve”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great park but definitely not for under 5s – the fort is all rope ladders and rope bridges with long spaces between, and tough climbing walls, so little people can’t get to the slides because they can’t get up the fort. That leaves a swing, couple of twirly things and a rocker. Shame as the kids were so excited by the look of this park and were desperate to get on the slides…but had to just stand at the bottom and look at them mournfully because there was no way up. Lots of shade and a lovely park, just needs to be little-kiddified a bit more and then it would be brilliant.

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