IKEA Home Delivery And Online Shopping

ikea home delivery

Exciting news! From today, online shopping is available to all Queensland customers of IKEA!

Simply purchase online via their website, and select either Click and Collect in-store at IKEA Logan or IKEA North Lakes!

If you live in Brisbane and surrounding areas, you can also choose to have products delivered direct to your home.

OMG.. IKEA Online Shopping?

okay. for those that don’t understand the crazy level of enthusiasm in this announcement.. Why is this exciting?

Anyone with small humans understands the pleasure and pain of shopping at IKEA. If you have kids out of nappies and under 10 then you might be lucky enough to get an hour of free child minding in their awesome child care area. Otherwise, you, like me, will join the ranks of parents trying to move quickly through the store with whining, unpredictable child in tow. You enter with a plan to buy a well priced colander and end up leaving with a dining suite and a collection of fancy melamine kitchen storage.

Also for many, taking the spouse to IKEA is less than a pleasurable experience because apparently we don’t need the table mats with ducks on them <insert sad face>.

ikea online shopping

What we love about IKEA

  • Their meatballs. Not just their meatballs but their well priced yummy food. They serve coffee too, which you will likely need.
  • You can book ahead for kitchen consults. Kitchens from IKEA look amazing but they are hard to get your head around and having an expert guide you through the planning makes things a lot easier.
  • We love their cushions. Weird and wonderful cushions because cushions are made for Sunday naps.
  • Their kids costumes are incredible! So affordable and so cute!
  • All their kids wares are so non-commercial looking and wonderful in their design and colour and invitation to play.
  • We love their glasses because when you have a family of growing kids, glasses get broken all the time and cheap cheerful glasses that you know you can buy time and time again is awesome!
  • Their plastic bag holders with all their cool holes to store gazillions of plastic bags until you can return them back to the store!
  • IKEA have a sense of humour which we love because funny is awesome and IKEA is funny!

Best of all! IKEA do home delivery!

We are so happy we can add to this list the emerging news that IKEA home deliver. Thank you IKEA for saving my future sanity. And I know- the consumerist tone of this article is a little unbearable but at the same time, IKEA is about simple things, couches, beds, nothing fancy or over the top, so in a way, it’s not at all.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping at www.IKEA.com

IKEA didn’t pay for this article though they can if they want.. we accept online credit!

(All images are credited to IKEA. Items may not be available at the time of publishing)

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