How to Train Your Dragon Party Ideas for Kids

Decoration / Table setting for How To Train Your Dragon party

Are your Brisbane Kids How to Train Your Dragon obsessed? Do you need some way to keep them happy and fill in time till the next film comes out?! Then why not throw your little Vikings a How to Train Your Dragon party? We’ve searched high and low for the best party ideas, and here they are!

Invite your dragon trainers

We found this great idea for a How to Train Your Dragon party invite on Etsy but we think it would be super easy to make our own like this.

Invite to How To Train Your Dragon party

Make a party sign

You could make a great sign to show everyone where your party is, as seen on thistles & twigs.

Welcome sign

DIY Toothless party decoration

And what about thistle & twigs’ cool party decoration too? This is one you can definitely do yourself or with the kids!

Party decoration

Set the How to Train Your Dragon party theme

Here’s a great idea for party decorations or table dressing from Table setting / Decoration

Vikings’ dress-up items

Full instructions on how to make these simple helmets and shields for your little dragon-training Vikings can be found on Bug, Boo and Bean. You could even set up a craft station for them to make their own during the party.

Viking helmets and shields

Simple themed party food ideas

Check out these ideas for How to Train Your Dragon themed party food from The Whimsical Princess.

Party snacks

Party snacks

Dragon trainer drinks

You can turn any can, bottle or cup into a cool Dragon Trainer drink with these awesome labels from Crazy Little Projects. And, yes, of course, we have the link to the page with the free printables here!

Dragon Trainerade

Make your own amazing cake!

There are so many different ways to make a How to Train Your Dragon Cake- here is a link to dozens of ideas for you whether you be a beginner or expert cake maker! 

Dragon feeding party game

Check out this idea for a great sheep toss party game on

Party game

Set up a dragon egg hunt

Every kid would love to go on a treasure hunt for dragon eggs! Either simply hide wrapped chocolate eggs around your party venue, or leave a series of clues for kids to follow.

Trophies for top dragon trainers

How about making these great trophies to give as prizes for any party game winners? These ones found here are made out of dollar store dinosaurs and Styrofoam blocks sprayed gold!

How To Train Your Dragon DIY prizes

An amazing Toothless piñata

And check out this amazing Toothless piñata that we found on Pinterest!

How To Train Your Dragon pinata

We hope your little Viking has a very happy How to Train Your Dragon Party! (Oh, and just in case we didn’t say it enough … printables!)

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For even more ideas, check out our How To Train Your Dragon Party Ideas board.

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  1. Natasha Davis says:

    OMG this is the BEST page I’ve found online yet! My daughter is DESPERATE for a HTTYD party and I was struggling with ideas, but now I’m so motivated and excited about how fun it will be!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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