How To Style Summer Maternity Dresses

Summer maternity dresses, Maive & Bo, maternity clothes

For you mums who are expecting during these hot summer months, we know how uncomfortable things can get. Not only are you rocking a new (or growing!) baby bump, your body is also in a constant state of change, both physically and emotionally.

And that’s why today we wanted to chat about summer maternity dresses.

Because, sure, fashion can’t fix everything, but when you’re wearing clothing that is both comfortable and makes you feel great about yourself, it’s much easier to go through your day with a genuine smile on your face.

And so, with that in mind, Maive and Bo have three summer maternity dresses that we just know will be absolute hits in your wardrobe: The Lyla Tank Dress, The Vesper Nursing Dress, and the new Jessa Maternity Dress.

Maive and Bo discuss how these maternity styles can help benefit your summer wardrobe, along with how you can style them for maximum use.

Are you ready for your most stylish summer yet? Let’s dive into this!

The three summer maternity dresses you need in your wardrobe:

Summer maternity dresses, Maive & Bo, maternity clothes


1. The Lyla Tank Dress

If cool, casual style is your jam, it’s about time you got familiar with the Lyla Tank Dress. Not only is this summer maternity dress extremely easy to throw on for those days where you’re feeling a little rundown, it’s also bursting with effortless style, and comes in three colors, so you can pick and choose the colour that best suits your personal taste.

In particular, we absolutely love that Lyla is made from bamboo fabric, meaning it’s exceptionally breathable, and will stretch with your bump as your little bundle of joy continues to grow. No more sweating in dresses that aren’t suited for the hot weather!

To style Lyla, Maive and Bo suggest adding some dainty jewellery to highlight the femininity of the piece. For extremely hot days, wear your hair up to get it off your neck, and to highlight your pretty necklace. For shoes, decide what you’ll feel most comfortable in for the day, but we always love a good pair of wedges to really ramp up the style on this dress. Having said, though, a cute pair of gladiator sandals never fails when styling Lyla.

Plus hey, if all those style tips don’t convince you that Lyla is the summer maternity dress for you, just know that there’s a hidden nursing panel for after your baby has arrived, so you can sport this stylish number long after you’ve given birth.

Lyla is an easy choice.

Shop the Lyla Maternity dress here.

Summer maternity dresses, Maive & Bo, maternity clothes

2. Vesper Nursing Dress

Perhaps when you think of a summer friendly maternity dress, you think of something loose fitting. If this is you, don’t worry, mama, Maive and Bo have got you covered with the Vesper Nursing Dress.

Available in both a sage polka dot and a duty pink floral, this gem of a dress serves up all the feminine style vibes, while also ensuring your cool and comfortable. The fabric is lightweight, and the flattering drop waist prevents the fabric from sticking to close to your body. Vesper gives you room to breathe, which we know is important to mums who are growing babies during the hot summer months.

To style Vesper, keep it cool and casual, with some sandals and minimal accessories, or feel free to dress Vesper up by adding in some lipstick, a trendy straw bag, and some cute wedges. Really, whether you simply want to wear Vesper to run errands, or you have a date night on the horizon, you can’t go wrong with this maternity dress in your wardrobe.

Oh, and don’t forget, Vesper is another nursing friendly piece! At Maive & Bo they’re always serving up styles that you can get plenty of use from.

To shop the always-popular Vesper Dress, click here.


Summer maternity dresses, Maive & Bo, maternity clothes

3. Jessa Maternity Dress

Perfect for any summer weddings you may have on the horizon, Maive and Bo are absolutely head over heels in love with the Jessa Maternity dress, it’s not hard to see why.

Done in a beautiful midnight blue, Jessa is striking, while still being classic and sophisticated. The trendy knot above the bump will perfectly highlight your growing baby, while also adding a bit of a stylish flair to the look. In addition, we’re loving that this maternity dress has such a flattering neckline. While we know tasteful cleavage can be difficult to achieve while pregnant, this dress balances that line perfectly. Trust us, you’ll feel stylish and sexy when wearing Jessa.

And, of course, Jessa is done in a cotton stretch fabric, meaning you can wear this piece all summer long without having to worry about overheating!

To style Jessa, you can give it a more beachy feel with bangles, wavy hair, and minimal makeup. Or, if you want to dress up Jessa, throw on a bod red lip, grab your favourite clutch, and accentuate your face with some dazzling chandelier earrings.

Jessa will have all your summer style needs covered, that’s for sure. Shop the Jessa Maternity Dress here.

Summer maternity dresses, Maive & Bo, maternity clothes

So, are you ready for summer weather? Whether you’re nodding your head yes, or you’re not sure how you’ll make it through the heat, we guarantee that these summer maternity dresses will bring you both style and comfort all summer long.

Because, like we said, we know fashion can’t solve everything for you, but we’re confident that looking and feeling your best is a good place to start.

Who’s with us?!

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