How to send a letter to Santa


How to send a letter to Santa

Step 1 Write the letter

Have a chat with your Brisbane Kids about what they might like Santa to bring them. Remind them that Santa has lots of presents and that he needs to be able to fit it in the sled. Use the opportunity to talk about how to address a letter- this is a great literacy teaching moment where a ‘real world’ scenario can be used to teach. Write the letter.

Step 2 Put the address on the envelope

Again, another wonderful chance to talk to your Brisbane Kids about how to write an envelope and talk to them about their own address as well.

Santa’s Address

For sending via the Ipswich Libraries Project 

Thousands of hand-written letters are expected to travel between Ipswich and the North Pole as Ipswich Libraries opens its Letters to Santa postal service from 30 November to 16 December. Children can write their letter and immediately post it in one of the big red post boxes at any Ipswich library. They can also collect a letter writing kit to take home to write, and then drop it into the North Pole post box on their next library visit. The festive letter kit contains an envelope and sticker to seal their letter to make sure it is for Santa’s eyes only.

For sending to Australia…..In Australia (needs a 65c stamp)

Santa, NORTH POLE 9999

Include a return name and address on both the letter and the back of the envelope. Here are more details should you like them Need to send before the 14th December.

For sending to the world Santa in Germany

Needs an international stamp (approx $2). Write both the German and English address, as written below.


Christmas Post Office, 

An den Weihnachtsmann, Weihnachtspostfiliale, 

16798 Himmelpfort, Deutschland/Germany

Find out more at

You can expect to receive a personalised response from each letter, both on envelope and letter. Now we have been told you DO NOT need to provide a return envelope and the mum that gave us this information has received responses without doing so, but if you feel better about it then I guess you could. How awesome is this!!!

Send an online letter to Santa

Awkward questions you might get about the Santa Letter

note that if you get any odd comments about Santa being in Germany a suggestion was made in regards to Germany being the location of his holiday home-

Also if this leads to further awkward questions about whether Santa is real then check out our awesome “Is Santa Real Solution”

We hope you love our post on how to send a letter to Santa and we wish you a Merry Christmas!!!


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  1. Jack says:

    Dear Santa are you real please answer me back Makenzie Robinson !!!!!

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    Dear Santa. If you are real, type in my nickname

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    hey Santa I have ben telling my friends at school that you are real and I’ve tried to not say bad word’s

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    Hey Santa I miss you so put, I can’t wait for you to come, I have been really good to my friends and family, love you Santa

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