How to make a Christmas Snow Globe

diy christmas snow globe

They may only be a small globe filled with tiny figurines and glitter, but there is something indescribably magical about a snow globe.  Whether they contain intricate cities or a simple word, the effect of watching those delicate pieces of glitter twinkle and sprinkle slowly down over their landscape below is somewhat peaceful and mesmerising.

This Christmas, why not get together with your Brisbane Kids and help them create their own snow globe?  The process is surprisingly quick and the kids will be left with a personalised globe that is actually relatively cheap to create too!  Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to create your own Christmas Snow Globe.

What you will need

what you need to make snowglobe

  • An old mason jar, washed clean and any labels removed.
  • Waterproof glue
  • Glycerol (not necessary but this helps make the glitter fall slowly)
  • Glitter or sequins
  • Ornaments or laminated pictures – whatever you want to feature in the jar.

Step 1

making a snow globe

Take the lids off the mason jars and turn them upside down.  Carefully place the ornaments you want to be in the bottom of the snow globe on the inside of the lid and, when you are happy with the placement, glue them down.

Tips:  Make sure your ornaments will fit back into the jar when you screw the lid on.  Stray hands or parts sticking out may not actually go through the jar opening.  A good way to avoid any issues is to place your items and then screw the jar over them to check this before then removing the jar and gluing them in place.  Objects look bigger in the water too – so smaller ornaments will look good.

Step 2

DIY snow globe

While the ornaments on lids are drying, fill your mason jar up with water (to the top), add a couple of tablespoons of Glycerol and then a few teaspoons of your desired glitter, sparkles or sequins.

Step 4

diy christmas snow globe

Gently put the lid back onto the jar, carefully maneuvering the ornament through the top before screwing the lid on tightly.

Tip:  It is a good idea to place the jar on a pan before doing this so that any overflow will not go on your table.  It is better to fill the water to the top and have the excess spill out when you put the lid on then to have a space at the top of your snow globe because the jar is not completely filled with water.

Step 5

christmas snow globe

Turn the jar over and dry it off.  It helps to maybe put a rim of glue around the jar lid, just to stop any leakage at all.  Give it a good shake and watch the magic happen!

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  1. Bec says:

    Beautiful idea – thanks so much for sharing it 🙂

  2. jaci says:

    what a great idea!! my 3 year old niece will love this, thank you

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