How to go Strawberry Picking in Brisbane

Strawberry picking

How to go Strawberry Picking in Brisbane

Strawberries are the perfect sweet treat for little ones. So bright and juicy and colourful, but healthy too! We are so lucky here in Brisbane, there are strawberry fields in every direction.  And the pick your own option is a very affordable and fun way to get your Brisbane Kid eating more fruit!

Some rules for strawberry picking – GUMBOOTS!! Or shoes that you accept will end the day squishy.  We timed our visit for early morning, but hats and sunscreen were still essential, and don’t forget the water bottles too! If you have a child like mine who can make any food group slurp I would recommend old clothes and some baby wipes/face washers.

Pick your own strawberries for fun and food!

We gathered our pails and were shown to the Pick Your Own rows, which have great spacing for little ones to get in there and hunt for the berries.  Some taste testing was mandatory to find the best row J It was a really enjoyable experience, the lovely smell of the strawberries was all around us and the fruit was wonderfully ripe and warm from the sun. It felt like a great way to teach kids about where our food comes from.  We spent a leisurely hour wandering back and forth amongst the rows, searching for the biggest reddest berries.  Sticky fingered and happy we headed back to have our harvest weighed and packed for us (pre-picked strawberries were also available, as well as a selection of yummy strawberry treats!)

Check out your local farms for strawberry season date and open times. It is always a good idea to call in advance as weather conditions can affect the crop yield, and unexpectedly hungry pickers can reduce the availability.

Some places we know that you can go and pick your own strawberries

We also have a review on our website of Strawberry Fields which is up along the highway towards the Sunshine Coast where kids can pick strawberries and sample delicious strawberry icecream.

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  1. Leon says:

    I’m visiting Brisbane on 22nd July onwards which is interesting in bringing my <2 daughter to the Strawberry picking farm. I would like to enquire more details on the activities.

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