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Ethical, slow fashion

In a world where it seems we want everything fast, from fast food to fast fashion, a movement is taking off that challenges this approach. More and more consumers are choosing to shop in a more meaningful way, turning away from mass-produced clothing in favour of garments that are made in a more ethical and sustainable way. This is the slow fashion movement and you can be a part of it!

Ethical, sustainable clothing

What is slow fashion?

While mass-produced fashion may bring us the latest trends at very low prices, more and more people are wondering at what cost. Not only does overconsumption have a very negative impact on the environment, using up natural resources and fossil fuels and increasing carbon emissions, it also has a negative impact on the workers in the supply chain, with poor working conditions and unfair pay. Slow fashion takes the opposite approach. It is ethical, eco, sustainable fashion. Slow fashion is all about taking the time to ensure the quality of products, caring about who made them and how they were made, and looking after the environment for future generations.

Ethical clothing

How can families be part of the slow fashion movement?

The slow fashion movement is happening right here in Brisbane and it is easy for families to be part of it! Local social enterprise Multiculti Co is leading the way when it comes to offering unique, traditionally made slow fashion for babies, children, and even their mums and dads, as well as empowering the clothing makers and embracing diversity.

Ethical, sustainable clothing

What does Multiculti Co do?

Multiculti Co sources spectacular, unique, incredibly beautiful children’s clothing from remote places around the world, chosen specifically to empower the women who make them, and to connect us with their Mama makers’ children and culture through storytelling. The clothes are made by some of the world’s lowest income and marginalised women, including refugees and indigenous women. All of Multiculti Co’s profits are reinvested into providing an ongoing, fair, ethical income for their Mama makers, so by supporting this local enterprise we are also supporting them.

Ethical, sustainable clothing

What is Multiculti Co’s clothing like?

Multiculti Co’s clothing is made slowly and carefully, using traditional materials and techniques. You can find traditional African wax print dresses, beautiful Indian hand-loomed khadi cotton garments, stunningly embroidered Latin American shirts, and so much more.

The clothing is all handmade by artisans, using methods that have been passed down through the generations. By purchasing this clothing, we are not only getting beautiful, quality products, we are also helping to keep these artisanal cottage industries alive.

Current collections include:

  • The Africa Collection
  • The India Collection
  • The Latin America Collection
  • The Middle East Collection

They also offer a collection of multicultural toys. Shopping from these collections is a way for us as families to embrace cultural diversity with our children, not only through the clothes we wear but also through the amazing stories behind each item.

Who will I be supporting?

The aim of Multiculti Co is to help as many marginalised, poor women as possible by improving their economic and social empowerment and consequently benefiting their children, community and nation. All of Multiculti Co’s artisans receive a fair wage, as well as training and support to access healthcare, childcare and educational institutions for their children, and to exercise the skills they need for self-determination.

By supporting Multiculti Co, you will have a direct impact on providing a sustainable income for some of the world’s most marginalised women, from Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan, to the Indigenous women of Mexico and Guatemala. Your support will mean that they can provide for their children, support their children’s health and education and help them to realise their dreams.

Each collection from Multiculti Co showcases the Mama makers and how your support will help them. And through their detailed stories, videos and photos on the site and through social media, you and your children can connect with these amazing women and their cultures.

Ethical slow fashion

To view the full range of beautiful collections on offer and to read more, go to You can also follow Multiculti Co on Instagram or Facebook or email [email protected] for more information.

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