How to Host a Great Melbourne Cup Party for Toddlers

Merry go round horse

It’s the race that stops a nation every year at 3pm on the first Tuesday of November. Melbourne Cup is an iconic Australian event, being a celebration of Australian food, fashion and flowers, in addition to horseracing. Whilst it may not be possible to head out and enjoy a fancy Melbourne Cup luncheon with toddlers in tow, you can have a day of laughter and memories in your own home by hosting your own Melbourne Cup party for toddlers.

Melbourne Cup Party Hats made from Newspaper

Melbourne Cup hats

Everyone knows that Melbourne Cup is all about hats! This fun newspaper hat craft from Maya Made is so easy, cheap and quick. Why not decorate with flowers and foliage collected from the garden?

Make a Melbourne Cup Horse

Make a horse

Why not have some racing fun, by first making your own Melbourne Cup Horse. Learn Create Love has a great horse head printable you can use.

Make a horse

To make these horses ‘race-able’, sticky tape a toilet roll or rolled up newspaper to the neck as something little hands can hang onto. This Unicorn Horse craft from Red Ted Art has a great guide on how to attach the horse head to a stick.

Soft Horse Shoe Throw Game

Horseshoe toss game

If you’re a super crafty person, then Craftiness Is Not Optional has this fabulous soft horse shoe craft which would be ideal for tossing with toddlers at your Melbourne Cup party without the risk of anyone getting hurt.

Melbourne Cup Trophy

Melbourne cup trophy

Every guest can be a winner this Melbourne Cup day with their very own trophy! Idea found via Pinterest.

Equestrian Ribbon Melbourne Cup Party Invitations

DIY Equestrian ribbons

Why not give out ribbons for your party with these very cute Equestrian Ribbons by Stockpiling Moms?

Horse Head Sandwiches

Horse shaped sandwiches

There’s no need for cucumber sandwiches when you can literally eat a horse! Not Consumed used a cookie cutter for this great party food idea.

Healthy Melbourne Cup Horse Snacks

Healthy snacks

Horses love carrots and apples and this is a great healthy food option from It’s Meg and She’s Doing Stuff!

Fancy Melbourne Cup Party Drinks

Rainbow drinks

Everyone should enjoy a fancy drink on Melbourne Cup day. This colourful rainbow from Happy Hooligans can be added to lemonade or water for a cool rainbow effect.

We have lots of craft and fun ideas on the website that are perfect for toddlers. You might also like to check out our kid-friendly yummy recipes.

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