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Is your Brisbane Kid crazy for horses? Are they pestering you to get them lessons to learn how to ride? Horse riding requires a level of physical strength, as well as mental and emotional maturity, so these important factors should be considered before spending time and money on riding lessons.

Generally speaking, Australian horse riding centres will only allow children over the age of 6 to ride on their own. Children under this age may start learning to ride but must always be supervised or led in an enclosed area to ensure safety. Riders must also be strong enough to handle the horse by kicking or squeezing with the legs and slowing, stopping and steering with the arms.

How to choose a good riding school in South East Queensland

Make sure that you research each riding facility thoroughly before you choose the most appropriate one for your child. Things to consider when checking out schools for horseriding in Brisbane are –

Type of classes offered

No matter what your child’s horseriding skill level is, lessons are incredibly important to nurture and build confidence, ensure safety and also develop understanding. Types of lessons, depending on skill level, include trail riding, show riding and dressage. Especially for children, it is important to find an instructor that your child is comfortable with and who can provide the right type of riding education to suit their age and abilities.

Instructor’s qualifications

There are several organisations in Australia that have their own way of accrediting their instructors. Look for qualifications with Australian Horse Riding Centres (AHRC), the Equestrian Federation of Australia (EA) or Pony Club Australia (PCA). A current first aid certificate is also important.

Size of class

Ideally, for younger and beginner riders, a class of no more than 6 riders is preferable. Beginners require closer attention and much explanation of the terminology and mechanics of horses, so the smaller the class, the better to ensure the more one-on-one time.

Insurance cover

Horse riding schools need to abide by Government, industry and insurance guidelines to ensure those safe riding standards are practised. Horse riding schools need to have a current public liability insurance policy at all times.

Places to experience horseriding in Brisbane

Whether it is weekly lessons or casual horseriding encounters that you are interested in for your Brisbane Kid, here are some places you could look in to –

Pony Clubs

The Ready Set Trot program offered by Equestrian Australia and the Pony Club Association of Queensland in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission is a fun and exciting way to encourage young people to give equestrian sports a try. Ready Set Trot will teach children about basic horse skills and important horse safety. Contact your nearest Ready Set Trot provider for more information.

Other equestrian schools and centres for your Brisbane Kids

Some of the other horseriding schools in the Brisbane area that may offer children’s lessons are – Cherbon Waters – 121 Cherbon Street, Burbank QLD 4156 Dalson Park Indoor Equestrian Centre – 63 Nujooloo Road, Slacks Creek QLD 4127 Everglades Equestrian Academy – Wagner Road, Griffin QLD 4503 Heritage Riding – 59 Boundary Road, Thornlands QLD 4165 Indarra Equestrian Centre – 49 Bibury Street, Wellington Point QLD 4160 Slickers Riding Centre – Dunlop Lane, Kurwongbah QLD 4503 Wattle Creek Riding School – 28 Kays Road, The Gap QLD 4061 Windsong Equestrian Park – 120 Eprapah Road, Mount Cotton QLD 4165

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