Homemade gifts and card ideas for mothers day

handmade cupcake card

 Mother’s Day Art Gift Ideas

You’ll be amazed at how fun, creative and enjoyable this art activity made from chalk pastels and PVA glue can be for your little ones (and big ones) to make an awesome and original gift for a Mother’s Day and/or Grandmother’s gift.


  • Black cardboard
  • Lead pencil
  • PVA glue in a small squeeze bottle with a fine tip
  • Chalk Pastels or Oil Pastels

Step 1: Draw a heart, flower, rainbow, cupcake shape or similar in lead pencil on black cardboard.

Mothers Day Craft_Tiny Art_1

Step 2: Trace over the pencil lines with the glue.  Use the bottle as you would a pencil with the tip of the bottle being the tip of the pencil.  Lightly touch the paper and squeeze carefully.  Lay the cardboard flat overnight to dry.  When the glue is dry you’ll notice that the glue is clear, revealing the black underneath.

Mothers Day Craft_Tiny Art_2

Step 3: Using chalk pastels (or oil pastels if you prefer) colour in the shape keeping close to the glue sides.  The sides will stop the pastels from going into the other colours.

Mothers Day Craft_Tiny Art_3

Step 4: Add details and highlights using white pastels and tone using black pastels – being careful with the black as it can be very powerful.  The picture can be sprayed over the top with fixative or hair spray to stop chalk pastel from smudging.

Mothers Day Craft_Tiny Art_4


  • Children aged 5 and under will require with Step 2 (gluing on the lines) you could glue a few designs the night before and give to those younger children to colour the next day
  •  The things you can create from this art activity are endless:  a card, a framed picture, a recipe book cover, or cut out the shape and make a flower arrangement in a small flower pot on kebab sticks.

Thanks to Tiny Art for this wonderful guest blog. Tiny Art offer wonderful art classes for kids on Brisbane Southside. Check them out at www.tinyart.com.au and if people would like more great ideas for things to make and create with their children to follow my Blog http://www.tinyart.com.au/kids-art-blog/

This post has also been featured in the Local Guide To Mother’s Day. For a tonne of ideas for marking this occasion – from gifts to make or buy for Mum, places to visit or dine at on the day, recipes to whip up and ways to decorate for a Mother’s Day at home, and even outfit ideas for Sunday 8th May – hop over to the guide for an inspiring collection.

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