Homemade Christmas Card Ideas to do with Kids

Christmas Craft

How to create custom-made Christmas cards at home

This is a great simple craft activity for children of all ages. We have provided instruction for five different designs, though your Brisbane Kids may enjoy coming up with their own creations. It is advised to only allow one child at a time to do this activity.

Materials needed –

  • Coloured paper/card
  • Plain card
  • Paint and brushes
  • Black Marker
  • Pencil
  • Decorations (foam stickers, glitter, stars etc)
  • Ribbon or String

How to make a –

Christmas Tree Card

Christmas Craft

This is a great one for small toddlers whose hand and finger prints never turn out clear. Paint your child’s palm and fingers green and press down onto folded card. Repeat, moving the hand slightly to the left and then to the right. Using brown, paint in the trees trunk. Place a star at the top of the tree and glue “decorations” onto the tree. This is an easy but effective art work for small people.

Snowman Card

Christmas Craft

Take a coloured piece of paper for the background. Paint your child’s fingers (excluding the thumb) and the top 3rd of your child’s palm white. Place palm down onto the paper and press. When the paint has dried use the black marker to draw on the eyes and a mouth. Using orange paint gently dab a nose on the snowmen’s faces. Using white paint gently dot snow around the snowmen on the coloured card. Paint scarves, hats or buttons onto the snowmen. Fold a plain piece of card in half and paste the snowman picture to the front. And you’re done.

Christmas Lights Card

Christmas Craft

Using a plain card, start by drawing a string along the length of the paper. Using assorted colours, finger paint the lights onto the string. When dried go over the string line with black marker. Quick and easy.

Reindeer Card

Christmas Craft

Fold plain card in half. Using brown paint cover the top of your child’s thumb and press down to create the head. Then paint your child’s whole thumb to create the body. Using a black pen or marker draw on antlers, eyes, mouth and legs. Then using red, paint in the reindeer’s nose. Decorate any way you like.

Candy Cane Card

Christmas Craft

Choose a coloured piece of paper for the back drop. Use a pencil to draw a faint outline of a candy cane onto the paper. Have your child dip their pointer finger into red paint and finger paint dots along the outline, leaving a space in between each dot for the white finger print. Clean finger off and then use white to finger paint the dots in between the red dots. Using ribbon or string create a small bow and glue onto the candy cane. Glue the created art work onto a plain card. This is a simple but effective Christmas card.

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