Holidays In Brisbane With Kids

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Brisbane Kids believes that holidays in Brisbane with kids should be fun and full of rich memories which is why you will find lots of ideas on how to make the most of the downtime you have with your children. From school holiday ideas, holiday ideas in Brisbane and holiday ideas throughout Australia and overseas, there really is no limit to making the most of the precious time you have with your kids.

On this page you will find links to school holiday ideas including general activities, travel holiday ideas and what to do if you are a visitor spending time on holidays in Brisbane with kids.

School Holidays

School holidays in Brisbane with Kids

School holidays in Brisbane happen 4 times a year. Depending on the type of school your kids attend (private or state) will determine how long these are but all kids get holidays over Christmas, Easter, June/July and September. Each holiday break happens in a different season and as such, there is the opportunity to enjoy different aspect of Brisbane with the different school holidays.

Find out all the free school holiday activities happening in Brisbane

Brisbane school holiday and public school holiday dates 2016-2017

Brisbane September holiday activities

Brisbane Summer holiday activities

Brisbane Easter holiday activities

Brisbane June/July holidays activities

School holiday day camps in Brisbane that offer everything from sports to outdoor fun and activities.

Holiday Activity Ideas in Brisbane

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Brisbane is literally full of fun ideas and free ideas to keep kids busy for the entire school break. The Brisbane Kids website is filled with playgrounds, waterplay destinations, bushwalking and more to make the most of your time off with your kids or if you happen to be visiting Brisbane with kids.

School Holiday Camping

School holiday camping in Brisbane because you really don’t need to travel far to camp with kids which means you can just head off for a day or two plus the best places to go camping near Brisbane and 5 of the most popular places to stay around Brisbane when you just want to getaway for a weekend and enjoy the great outdoors. We recently wrote a post on camping hacks in case you wanted some quick ideas on how to make camping easier and we have some popular Brisbane fishing spots earmarked by Facebook followers

Farm Stays

Maleny Dairy Farm Tours are a great way to show the kids a working farm and also gives you the chance to take a scenic drive through Montville and Maleny. If you search on our website using these two places you will find waterfalls and bushwalks to make the most of your time up in the hills. If you really want the country experience then you will appreciate our list of farm stays with our most popular being Tommerup Dairy Farm, Hosanna Farm Stay and Gap Creek Farm Stay.

Theme Parks

While the Brisbane Kids website is full of fun ideas (see the menu) that don’t cost any money, theme parks are still a popular choice for many families.

Find out how to save money at theme parks in Brisbane and which is the best Gold Coast theme park for toddlers and how to choose the best theme park for you.

You will also want to check out the Sunshine Coast theme parks if you plan to head up the coast.

Places to travel and stay with kids

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