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How to work out your fees and rebates for childcare over the Christmas and New Year period

School holidays can be a tough time for working families. Most childcare centres remain open throughout the holiday period, closing only for the public holidays, which means you either take advantage of being able to place your little ones in continued care whilst you work or you take them out of childcare and face still paying the daily fees. A very small minority of centres may give you a discounted charge for holidays booked in advance throughout the year, but few of us are that fortunate.

How is the CCB paid on public holidays?

The Education Department Queensland has released the following information detailing how the CCB (Child Care Benefit) will be treated throughout the 2013/2014 Christmas holiday period for Childcare Services that are open and providing care –

holidays and daycare

[SOURCE: Education Department Queensland]

What does this mean?

What the above information essentially means is that, if your childcare centre is charging you fees for days throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday period, you will be entitled to your usual Child Care Benefit regardless of whether your child physically attends the centre that day.

PLEASE NOTE: This information should be used as a guide only. We highly recommend talking to your child’s care provider for more detailed and specific information regarding public holidays and payment of fees at your individual childcare centre.

Please visit the Education Department of Queensland at for more information.

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