Hinterland Adventure Playground at Cooroy

Hinterland Adventure Playground

Hinterland Adventure Playground at Cooroy is the ultimate nature-based playground, catering for all ages and abilities. Complete with a double flying fox, impressive climbing tower and slides, sensory gardens and even a replicated creek to cool down in, be sure to pack a picnic as there is a full day to be spent here!

Hinterland Adventure Playground

Hinterland Adventure Playground

Brand new to the town of Cooroy and built on the site where its iconic saw mill once resided, the Hinterland Adventure Playground is inspired by both nature and the agricultural and manufacturing history of the region. 

The playground itself is set up with a variety of different play spaces, ranging from peaceful sensory gardens to highly-challenging adventure play areas. Catering to children of all ages and abilities, the main playground space consists of an inclusive double flying fox, inclusive swings, rocket ship slide, a sandpit and multiple climbing structures.  The playground’s main drawcard though is its impressive stick stack and climbing tower, complete with a long, winding steel slide that descends into a generous sandpit at the bottom.  

To one side of the playground is a large grassed oval – perfect for picnics or to kick a ball or throw a frisbee on.

To the other side, across a section of small wooden bridges that travel over a pebbled creek and sensory gardens, you will reach the second main section of the playground – the splash pond.  This is where kids who are hot and tired from the adventure playground can swap play clothes for swimwear and have fun wading and splashing it is shallow waters as their parents sit and relax nearby.

Fun Fact: Many of the playground’s materials were sourced and repurposed from heritage materials found in and around Cooroy including the windmill shade structures, timber from iconic bridges and concrete and electrical switches from the Cooroy Brickworks.  The rocket ship in the main playground is actually a stainless cylinder taken from the timber mill!

Imagination Factor

Nature Play

The Hinterland Adventure Playground offers Brisbane Kids an abundance of imaginative play opportunities.  Be that as an astronaut about to embark on a magical space adventure on the playground’s rocket ship, creating a village out of rocks in the nature play area or becoming a lost mermaid in the splash ponds murky waters. 

With an array of different play spaces offering children a variety of materials to explore, the only limit here is their own imagination!

Nature Play / Water Play

The splash pond water play area at Hinterland Adventure Park is one of the more impressive ones we have come across.  The replicated creek meanders and winds itself along the tree-lined banks of the park and under a small bridge.  There are small sectioned rock pools and areas where the creek divides and flows around little islands of rocks.  Shallow enough to lay in with your head out of the water, this is a great space for young children (and old) to cool down.

For parents, there are plenty of large wooden seats on either side for them to relax on or even a spot on the grass closer to the shade of the trees.

The park has an abundance of nature play options.  From the large wooden structures, rock piles and bucket, timber stack and even a large felled ironbark tree that lays in the central playground for kids to climb on.

TIP: Make sure to pack that sunscreen along with the swimmers and change of clothes.  Whilst there are several spots within the creek that get shade from nearby trees, most of the playground and creek is unshaded.

Splash Pond Water Play


The Hinterland Adventure Playground has been created with its own designated car park for visitors.  It is fully fenced and has wide, flat pathways that travel throughout all sections of the playground, making it wheelchair friendly.  The park offers disabled toilets, unisex toilets and both parent and family toilets and change rooms.

There is also a signed pathway that leads out of park (just behind the creek before you cross over to the adventure playground section) and takes visitors to nearby local attractions.  Be sure to check out the Butter Factory Arts Centre and the Old Mill cultural heritage area.

Inclusive double flying fox

Hinterland Adventure Playground features

  • Inclusive double flying fox
  • Inclusive swings
  • Sensory gardens and quiet retreat zone
  • Open oval and picnic ground
  • Sandpit
  • Splash pond for water play
  • Climbing tower with slides
  • Nature play areas with rock container and plenty of wooden structures to clamber over including a felled ironbark tree
  • Built-in amenities (with parent and family change rooms)
  • Carpark
  • Many covered and uncovered seating areas, picnic shelters, BBQs
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • All children under 13 must be supervised
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • This playground is 11 minutes from Dick Caplick Park in Eumundi. 

How to get to here

Hinterland Adventure Playground is located at 5 Maple Street, Cooroy QLD 4563. 

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