The Hills District All-Abilities Playground at Arana Hills

hills all abilities playground

Like a rainbow under the trees, The Hills District All-Abilities Playground is as inclusive as it is engaging for Brisbane Kids of all ages with a wonderfully accessible playground. 

The Hills District All-Abilities Playground – The Fun

The Hills District All-Abilities Playground (also referred to as Leslie Patrick Park) is a fully fenced playground with a number of play areas.

There’s a musical area where children can create a symphony on the glockenspiel, drums, xylophone, and other instruments.

musical playground at Arana Hills

Or perhaps the sandpit is more appealing. It has two diggers and there is plenty of room to create castles, moats and tracks for cars and trucks.

Dotted around the playground are mature trees with sandstone blocks that are perfect for balancing, following or chasing games.

hills district wobbly bridge

The small cubby lends itself well to imaginative play, it has a farmer’s market and café theme. It’s easily accessible for toddlers to move about independently yet big enough for pre-schoolers. For those that appreciate things a little quieter, there is a whimsical garden area with seats and specially planted herbs and flowers. Each planting box has informative signage.

There is also a  small hill with slides and a larger fort where kids can burn some energy.

fort playground arana hills

Climbers will appreciate the fort which has a ramp to the lower section with musical panels and a functional periscope! The upper section has a slide, fireman’s pole, bridge and climbing walls.

Neatly tucked under the bridge are monkey bars.

A lovely bike track circles the playground and playing fields of Leslie Patrick Park, linking up with nearby bikeways. The playground is on a sand base and has a watercourse near it frequented by ducks.  The playground also features a BBQ. Located right near Kmart Arana Hills with a walkway passing under busy Dawson Parade, you could easily and safely park at the shopping centre and follow the path to the playground.

playground for toddlers, yellow, arana hills

One of the best parts of this north-side playground its fencing, which means that you can actually relax instead of worrying about your Brisbane Kid running off!

Imagination Factor

The whimsical garden area with the bee and flower theme makes for a lovely space to play gardeners. Perhaps a mystical creature lurks in the forest, with little explorers jumping from sandstone block to block. Musicians in the making may form a band, create the next big hit and perform for their adoring fans.

hills district playground


Paths connect all the elements and solid rubberised soft fall means it’s accessible for children in wheelchairs. The picnic tables have space for wheelchairs at the end. Play equipment is specifically designed for inclusive play where all kids of all abilities can play alongside each other. Elements are set at an appropriate height for wheelchairs, the fort has a ramp and the spinner is flush with the ground. There are two swings with high backrests and hard plastic harness.

One of the notable things about the playground is the toilet which is located within the fenced area. There is off-street parking and a number of wheelchair designated parks.

This playground is a magical place with so many spaces to enjoy. With this in mind, it can be difficult to keep track of multiples.

wheelchair friendly playground brisbane northside

The Hills District All-Abilities Playground features

    • Toddler-friendly cubby with farmer’s market/café theme
    • Fenced, partially shaded playground
    • Accessible toilets
    • Musical instruments
    • Sandpit with two diggers
    • Seesaw
    • Shaker
    • Slides – numerous including roller slide
    • Swings – toddler, normal and supported harness swings
    • Fireman pole
    • Climbing walls
    • Monkey bars
    • Periscope
    • Garden area
    • Partially shaded by shade sails and mature trees
    • Rubberised soft fall and sand
    • Playing fields adjacent
    • Another great Brisbane Playground nearby is Teralba Park

How to get here

The Hills District All-Abilities Playground is located on Dawson Parade in Arana Hills.

More photos of The Hills District All-Abilities Playground

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10 responses to “The Hills District All-Abilities Playground at Arana Hills”

  1. Leonie says:

    Hey, just drove past this park this morning and it looks like its out of action with a few bulldozers ripping it up. Will let you know when it is back in action. Cheers

  2. Natascha Schultz says:

    I have noticed that this playground is under construction at the moment. They have removed it all.. and I hope they do replace it with a new playground. Loved how it was fenced… less stressing! Fingers crossed.

  3. Michelle Skelson says:

    The sign says it will be ready by the end of July. I read in the newspaper they are upgrading the playground.

  4. Danica says:

    This park is now open again, it’s been fully re done and is absolutely fantastic! Still fully fenced, with brand new bright equipment!

  5. Emma says:

    The new park is open and amazing!!! it is deffinatly worth checking out and take a picnic with you too!

  6. […] Leslie Patrick Park, Dawson Parade Arana Hills […]

  7. Michelle Skelson says:

    We have been to this park twice now. It is definitely for the older children which is disappointing being that an enclosed park is perfect for the toddler. I have spoken to many mums who have been to this park and they agree it is not one of their favourite places to take a small child. It has a slide for the older children I have never before seen at a park and a couple of climbing structures also good for the older children.

  8. Olivia says:

    This playground is horrible for young children now. I agree it would suit older children better but the huge lack of shade now means that not only do you have to worry about them burning but the playground itself is just too hot to play on for a large amount of the day. Hugely disappointing that the council took a playground that was under the shade of the trees and two shadesails and moved it out from under the trees and didn’t put up new shade sails… dumb, dumb, dumb!

  9. Guest says:

    I love this park it keeps the kids entertained for hours they have now replaced the sand with bark and has new toilets built just outside the playground

  10. Sophia Hodges says:

    The article is about the new All Abilities Playground at 120 Olearia St W, Everton Hills but also gives the location of Leslie Patrick park (which is on Dawson Parade in Arana Hills and is an adjacent park across a large playing field). The negative user comments are referring to Leslie Patrick Park which is aimed at older children.

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