Help Your Toddler Focus During a Photo Shoot

Family and individual portrait sessions are some of the best and easiest ways to preserve family memories for generations to come.  However, when young children are involved in photo shoots they can often become distracted, nervous or just simply tired of sitting still and behaving.

If you are preparing for a family photo session and are afraid that your toddler or small child may suffer from a short attention span, there are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind for occupying your child’s attention.

Keep Clothing Simple

One of the most important tips for keeping your little one comfortable in front of the camera is to pay close attention to his or her attire.  In most family portraits, every member of the family is dressed formally or in themed attire. If your little one has a short attention span or fidgets frequently, consider keeping their attire as simple as possible. Tightly buttoned shirts, dresses, shoes and other pieces should be appropriately sized to prevent your child from tugging and pulling at their clothing. Try to avoid tights and other items that can be easily ripped or pulled in the wrong direction just before the camera flashes.

Prepare to Entertain

It is important to plan for your child to become distracted or even defiant during a family photo shoot. In order to keep him or her happy, plan ahead by packing a few clean and simple toys to hold your child’s attention. Allow them to play before absolutely necessary to take his or her photo. If your child is very young, consider using the toy as a distraction to hold their attention on the other side of the camera during shots.  Make sure to let your child know that they are only able to play until it is time for the photo to be taken, so that they do not become overly upset when it is taken away for a moment.

Food and Sleep

Above all else, make sure that your child is well rested and well fed prior to their visit to the photo studio. Even the most angelic children can become angry, frustrated and less than photogenic when tired or hungry. By scheduling your photo shoot around naptime and planning a meal properly you can avoid arguments or tears about sleep or snacks.

A beautiful family photo can easily be achieved, even with young children in the picture. All it takes is a little extra planning to keep your child rested, fed, entertained and dressed properly.

Heidi Howe is the owner of Blame The Baby Formal Wear, a specialist children’s formal wear supplier, where you can dress your little one for a special occasion, at an affordable price.

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