How to find a Lost Pet in Brisbane

Reuniting You and Your Lost Brisbane Furbaby (Pet)

Here at Brisbane Kids, we want to make sure your other family member, your beloved dog, cat, bird or other, is able to be found when they go a-wandering and lose their way home. Here are some ideas and a list of resources you can turn to so you have the best chance of being reunited with your treasured Brisbane furbaby.

What to do if your pet goes missing in Brisbane

  1. Make sure your pets microchip details are updated asap when you have done this, report them lost here 
  2. Firstly contact the RSPCA and let them know the details of your pet in case they are handed in. The RSPCA also has a couple of paid services where they actively search for your lost animal.
  3. There is a service called lost pets finder that will do a lot of the below work for you for a fee.
  4. Contact your local council to register your pet’s description and details on their lost and found section.
  5. Let your local Australia Post Office know so they can alert their Posties to keep a look out for your missing pet during their travels.
  6. Ring around to local vets
  7. If you live near a railway alert your local train station. The drivers often see animals around train tracks.
  8. You can also check with Animal Welfare Agencies.
  9. Put an advertisement in your local paper or with the local radio station, put up posters in the area where your pet went missing or do a letterbox drop.
  10. Put up brightly coloured posters around local schools, shopping centres and in your neighbourhood to maximise the likelihood that someone will recognise your pet if they find them and can contact you. If your pet is microchipped make sure your details are up to date – update them with the relevant microchipping database if they aren‘t.
  11. Share with friends on Facebook, ask them to share with their friends and check out the following facebook pages: Lost Pet Register Directory (directs people to the regional pages)
  12. Lost Pet Coordinator – Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Surrounds (400+ followers) < register your pet here
  13. Read this lost pets resource guide from Brisbane City Council.
  14. Check local buy and sell Facebook Pages and animal shelters
  15. Register your pet on gumtree, it is free and many lost and found dogs are reunited this way
  16. We wish you the very best in finding your furry family member.
  17. Don’t lose hope- we see animals reunited many months after their pet is lost.

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