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Would you like to provide your child with the opportunity to participate in the best education system from the happiest country in the world?

HEI Schools Charlotte is a brand-new early education centre soon opening in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. They offer the first early education and care program in Queensland that is based on the well recognised Finnish Early Education Model, which has been ranked best in global comparisons. Collaborating with their founding partner, the University of Helsinki, their holistic approach and teaching methods are based on the latest research in early education. They combine these best practices from Finland with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework to ensure that every child has the best possible start to school and life.

The HEI Way

At HEI Schools Charlotte, their primary mission is to be responsive to the needs of every child. When all the important elements in a child’s daily life are aligned, they feel safe to explore their environment, build trustful relationships and learn new things. They encourage and promote:

  • Children’s perspectives and active participation in their own lives and learning
  • Curiosity and creativity
  • Sustainable way of living both socially and environmentally
  • Special emphasis on play as the most important way to learn within the early year’s environment

To help prepare for a smooth transition to primary school and life beyond, their program also helps equip children with the essential socio-emotional skills necessary for making a successful start to ‘big school.’ All their practices are backed by deep understanding about how children learn and thrive.

finnish childcare centre brisbane.

HEI Schools Charlotte Parent Fact Sheet

Education type: Long day care

Days and Hours of Operation: 6:30am – 6:30pm, Monday- Friday

Ages of care: 6 weeks to 6 years

Food provided: Yes, all nutritionally balanced meals and snacks provided

Nappies provided: Yes

National Quality Standards (NQS) Rating: Not yet assessed

Size: A small boutique service located in the Brisbane CBD, they have 4 rooms catering for 57 children in total

Allergy considerations: They are a nut free centre- they have the ability to support any children’s individual allergy considerations and all staff have had allergy and anaphylaxis training. 

Point of difference: Spacious rooms with natural light and minimalistic decor to enhance wellbeing. Collaboration with a leading university to provide the latest teaching materials to dedicated and trained educators. Music, sport, science, ethical understanding, cultural competence, and languages integrated into the program.

HEI Centre Brisbane.

Their learning environments

kids cycling through daycare.

They believe learning happens everywhere and all the time, which means learning is not limited to certain experiences or spaces. Rather, every situation is seen as full of learning opportunities. HEI Schools learning spaces use natural colors and materials to minimise visual and audio noise and create a calming atmosphere as less visual stimulation helps children to focus, learn, understand and feel better. The outdoors play an equally important role in the learning environment and their centre supports the children to freely move between the indoor and outdoor play areas.

Their educators

brisbane city child care centre educator with kids.

All their educators hold the relevant qualifications required for positions within early childhood education. Additionally, their staff receive regular teacher training and ongoing support and are provided with all teaching plans and interactive materials. Their pedagogical team regularly meets with educators to enhance the quality of their teaching. Because of this extensive training and support in their programming planning, HEI Schools staff have more time to spend carrying out the program in meaningful interactions with children.

What their beautiful Nordic design-inspired centre provides:        

  • A “less is more” -approach that helps children focus and learn in a clutter-free environment, with open-ended toys and play equipment made from natural materials.
  • Monthly programs, designed in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, including KIDE Science, a play-based science program aligning with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Highly trained educators who are thoroughly supported to provide the best possible education and care.
  • Outdoor café area that allows children and families from all age groups to communicate and build relationships with each other.
  • Queensland’s first gym area with HEI ladders in the early education context.
  • Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks, nappies, wipes, sheets, and sunscreen.

They are now accepting Expressions of Interest. You can fill out a form on their website https://www.heischools.com.au/charlotte or contact them by email at [email protected] or phone on 0478 588 647 to learn more.


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