Hedge Espresso at Salisbury – Child Friendly Cafe

The lovely outdoor courtyard is perfect for families who like to drink their coffee slowly whilst their kids play freely around them.

What’s On The Menu?

For the Parents

Hedge Espresso offers a tempting breakfast menu and a cabinet full of cakes, sweets and savoury treats that can be enjoyed all day long.

For the Kids

Along with the cabinet offerings, the kids menu serves up sandwiches, cheese soldiers, spikelets and kids scrambled eggs.  In addition to this, they also sell babycinos, kids milkshakes and often do a special sprinkle milkshake and cookie special during school holidays.

Allergy Free Options

Most of the menu can be adapted to be gluten free or dairy free (with some exceptions).  The owner’s father is a coeliac so they are particularly aware of GF requirements and their need to be TRULY gluten free.  To ensure this they boast seperate work spaces and a dedicated GF toaster.  Their Assistant Manager is also a coeliac who is dairy free and does much of the cooking.  She also does quite a few vegan variations from time to time – you’d never know it unless you asked though!

Kids Play Options

Whilst the cafe has a great, air conditioned indoor dining area it is the outdoor courtyard that is the biggest hit for families.  Enclosed and fully covered, it has a soft astro turf flooring that is just perfect for pre-walkers to roll around on.  This family friendly space also has built in chalkboards and sturdy furniture that won’t easily tip!  Kids will also love the colouring in books and pencils (and parents will love that are actually sharpened regularly!)

Designed to allow parents to relax and enjoy their meal at leisure whilst their little ones move around freely and safely around them this cafe is as much a meeting place for the smallest people who come here as it is for the adults.

Other Child-Friendly Services Provided

There are high chairs provided and more than enough room for pram parking at the cafe.  No baby change facilities are available at this stage though.

Contact Details

Address: 94 Lillian Avenue, Salisbury

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday:  6:30am – 2pm

Saturday – Sunday: 7:30am – 1pm

Phone:  3277 7562

Website: http://www.hedgeespresso.com.au

Social Media:  Facebook and Instagram: @hedgeespresso

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