Healthy Movie Night Snacks

Finding movie night snacks is almost as important as choosing the movie, so we decided to come up with a list of healthy snacks that are consumed across the Brisbane Kids Team on family movie nights. The only criteria we had for the selection was that they needed to be relatively healthy, tasty and something that most kids would eat.

Air Popped Popcorn

Popcorn is naturally sugar free and is surprisingly packed full of nutrients. In fact, this is the ideal snack; trumping all other crunchy alternatives. The key is popping your own popcorn, because microwave popcorn is not created equal. Keep a pack in the pantry for whenever you or the kids get the munchies, and serve it up at your next family movie night. You can experiment with differently flavourings to ensure continued interest from your children. Here is the world’s BEST popcorn seasoning from the Whole New Mum. Her page also links to a few other tasty homemade popcorn recipes.

best homemade seasoning

Fangks flavoured milk mixes

Finally, there is a delicious sugar free alternative to the sugar laden milk mixes that kids love so much. Fangks flavoured milk mixes are available in chocolate and strawberry and make an instant milkshake without the sugar! Naturally sweetened with natvia, these mixes are so versatile and can be used in recipes or as a topping for desserts. They also mix perfectly with milk alternatives such as soy milk and coconut milk. Find out more about Fangks on the the Fangks website, including a host of recipes utilising these healthy sugar free alternatives if you feel like baking for movie night.

fangks chocolate milk

Crackers/savoury biscuits

You will need to read the labels to be certain, but there are a good range of biscuits such as rice crackers, corn thins and wheat based biscuits that are low in sugar and fat. Serve with homemade dips, hommus, cheese, fruit and vegetable sticks. If you want to make your own sugar free crackers then head here – Also check out Choice Magazine and be guided by their information on what makes a good store bought cracker.

savoury crackers

Home Made Pizzas

Bake on pita bread, English muffins or make your own pizza base, but half the fun here is in involving the whole family in the construction of their own pizzas.

pizza night

Dried nuts & seeds

Nuts are a delicious and nutritious snack to keep in your pantry and perfect for movie night as they are full of good fats. If your movie night is part of a sleep-over, just ensure that you check with parents about any possible nut allergies.



Baked pretzels tick all the boxes. They are sugar free, additive free and delicious!


Dark unsweetened chocolate

No one should have to give up chocolate, but you can reduce your sugar intake by choosing dark chocolates that have a lower sugar content. Green & Blacks Organic, as well as Lindt, are two high quality brands commonly found in supermarkets.

organic dark chocolate

Fruit with Dip

Berries or apples are an ideal accompaniment to movie night, especially when combined with dip made from either yoghurt or perhaps even a chocolate custard. You will have determine how healthy your dip is but if you want to use real chocolate then just dip the fruit in and leave the coating to harden in the fridge. There are lots of fruit dip recipes on the internet, but we found one that is both healthy and features our favourite ingredient- Chocolate! Better still, this one has avocado in it so you get a serve of vegetables- Thanks to Real Food Rn for their Chocolate Avocado Dip!

chocolate avocado dip

This proves you can have your movie night and eat it too! You might want to check out our sugar free snack ideas for other ideas on what to serve on movie nights.

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