Hawthorne Park in Hawthorne | Fenced varied abilities playground

The awesome variety of equipment on offer at Hawthorne Park enables every member of your Brisbane family to relax and enjoy themselves.

Hawthorne Park – The Fun

Hawthorne Park is a lovely central park with a playground that is fully fenced and accessed only by a gate. On top of this, the playground is sheltered by shade sails, which gives it two big ticks in our review. The play equipment is suited to a variety of ages and abilities, with a large sandpit, climbing nets, group swing and a scary slide (recommended for older Brisbane Kids). The inclusion of a ‘Sway Fun’ swing means that those in wheelchairs are able to join in the fun also. Outside of the fenced area, there is a great table with shelter and a wood barbeque. Flat concrete paths run throughout the park and circle the adjacent playing field. This park also has fitness stations.

Imagination Factor

The variety of equipment in Hawthorne Park’s playground enables children of all ages to have a great time here. Bigger kids will have a tonne of fun (and scare their mums and dads) climbing the spiderweb nets and zooming down the slide to safety. The sandpit area is awesome for games of construction sites and building sandcastles. The group swing encourages cooperation and interaction with fellow visitors.

Special Needs

Hawthorne Park has accessible toilet facilities; however they are located some distance from the playground, on the opposite side of the playing field. The bikeway paths are wide and run throughout the park and around the oval. Hawthorne Park has a wood barbeque, a picnic table within a shelter, bench seats and grassy open space to set up for the day. The playground equipment is suited to a variety of ages and abilities, including a ‘Sway Fun’ swing that is accessible by wheelchair. The playground is completely fenced with an access gate and the play equipment is sheltered by shade sails.

Hawthorne Park – The Facts

  • Fenced playground shaded by shade sails
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities (some distance from playground)
  • Rubber base
  • Large sandpit with diggers
  • Seesaw
  • Sway Swing – wheelchair accessible
  • Climbing station
  • Group swing
  • Evos glider (slide recommended for older Brisbane Kids)
  • Fitness stations
  • Large shady trees
  • Playing field – grassy open space
  • Wide bike and walking paths
  • Wood barbeque
  • Sheltered picnic table
  • Bench seats
  • Street parking

Another great nearby Brisbane Playground is Bulimba Riverside Park.

Hawthorne Park is located on Riding Road in Hawthorne.

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