Hawthorne Cinemas

Hawthorne Cinemas in Brisbane

Going to the movies has become not only a rather expensive experience, but also a bit of a generic one. Most of the cinemas around Brisbane seem to merge into a blur of tacky blue or red carpet, overpriced popcorn and frozen cokes and theatres with that slightly damp smell that lingers in the air. If you are looking for something different to share with your Brisbane Kids, consider an old-school movie experience and head on over to the Hawthorne Cinemas.

The largest non-IMAX indoor cinema screen in Brisbane

Tucked away in this small cinema complex on Hawthorne Road in Hawthorne, you will make a surprise find – one the largest cinema screens (excluding IMAX) in Brisbane. This screen is found in Cinema 1 – the original, 480 seat auditorium built in the 1940s, and is a great place to take your Brisbane Kids to experience what it was like to go to the movies “in the olden days”. It is complemented by Cinema 2, which seats 100 patrons, and Cinema 3 which seats 89.

Cineplex Australia is the company that manages the Hawthorne Cinemas. Cineplex is a family run business that has grown to become the largest privately owned cinema brand in South East Queensland. They pride themselves on combining state-of-the-art technology with affordable pricing, to bring customers the best possible cinema experience at surprisingly low prices. They are also committed to providing a friendly, down-to-earth service, which customers are sure to enjoy. Cineplex have Queensland’s two largest screens, one at Victoria Point and the other at Southbank. There are six Cineplex locations in Brisbane: Hawthorne, Balmoral, Southbank, Victoria Point, Nerang and Redbank Plains. Each one provides the community with an improved cinema experience at great low prices.

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Food options

The Hawthorne Candy Bar offers cinema staples at a much lower cost such as a small popcorn for $2, water for $2.50 or the ever popular choc top for $2.70. The Hawthorne has its own café, so you don’t need to travel far to enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat. It is also conveniently located just up the road from the Bulimba restaurant strip if you are looking for even more options on those precious date nights away from the kids.

Hawthorne Cinemas group bookings

The Hawthorne is a great place to take a group to the movies. They accept group bookings for groups over 50 people. Be aware though – you need to make payment in full in advance to secure your booking.

Cheap tickets at Hawthorne Cinemas

The regular ticket prices are another appealing part of a trip to The Hawthorne Cinema, with adults costing only $6.50 and kids a mere $4.50 for daytime sessions. Kids’ prices stay the same all day and adults’ tickets increase slightly to $8.50 for an evening, weekend or public holiday session. That means you can have a family outing to the movies for as little as $23.30 compared to $82.80 at V-MAX (2 adults and 2 children). Sticking with the old-school feel, there is no EFTPOS available at The Hawthorne, so make sure you have cash, paywave or paypass when you visit.

Next time you are thinking about taking the kids for a trip to the movies, why not give them an encounter that goes beyond the generic and standardised experience you can get at the large cinema complexes? Take a trip down memory lane at The Hawthorne.

You can find out more about Hawthorne Cinemas on their website at www.cineplex.com.au

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  1. Debbie Lorenc says:

    Wonderful venue for myself and my four beautiful Grandchildren.
    The prices are amazing, especially with so many children!
    See you again these School Holidays!
    Thank you SO much. ?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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