Happy Halloween at Dreamworld

kenny and belinda happy halloween dreamworld

Thanks to Dreamworld there is now a Halloween event at a theme park that is not going to give you nightmares for the next month! Happy Halloween is a spooktacular, kid-friendly Halloween event, complete with trick-or treating, dance parties, singing pumpkins and, of course, rides that will provide a night full of fun the whole family will love! 

Halloween Activities at Dreamworld

Even before you walk through the gate at Dreamworld, the Happy Halloween atmosphere is building, with black and orange drapes, spooktacular signs, hundreds of people in costumes, crazy characters and fireworks exploding from the entrance way. As the doors open just before 6pm, Kenny and Belinda, dressed a pumpkin and witch, greet families and are available for photos as they give a Happy Halloween Welcome to all families attending the night. From there, families have 4 hours to experience Happy Halloween and enjoy all the extra little touches Dreamworld have added to the night to make it a special event for families with kids of all ages.

trick or treat happy halloween dreamworld  

Trick or treating

Brisbane Kids can take part in one of the largest trick-or-treat extravaganzas on the Gold Coast, with an unimaginable amount of candy at every corner of the park. Trick or treating is available for kids aged 13 years and under only, and you must take a Trick or Treat Trail Card as you enter the park to participate. There are five stations on the Trick or Treat Trail, including Acrabadabra at ABC Kids World, Monster Mash at Motocoaster, Goulish Gamesite, Freaky Flowrider, and Puss in Boots Spooky Sword Swing. Not only is this a great way to make sure you get around the park, but at each station staff dressed as witches, wizards and mad hatters are waiting to hand out treats (including Cadbury chocolates, Jelly Bellies, Zappos and sherbet straws) and mark off your card. You are only able to visit each station once, however, at each station Brisbane Kids receive five goodies per child (25 treats in total if you visit each station!), which is more than enough to give the entire family energy to make it through until 10pm! 

rides happy halloween sky voyager

The Rides

Escape From Madagascar, Tail Spin, Mick Doohan’s Rollercoaster….. during Happy Halloween all the attractions are open all night, allowing families to take on their favourite rides after dark. Rides and attractions for all age groups are available, including the new 7D Sky Voyager which is mind blowing and a must do while at Dreamworld. Riding the rides at night is definitely a fun experience and the best part about it was while everyone was queuing, not only were all of the staff friendly, but a lot dressed up and played along for the occasion including flashing the lights on and off at some stages which resulted in delighted screams from the children and a bit of extra entertainment before boarding the ride.

show happy halloween dreamworld. Kenny and Belinda

Halloween Entertainment 

Just for Happy Halloween, Dreamworld have added some special touches to the park to add to the fun Halloween atmosphere. Walking around the park, songs such as Monster Mash, Thriller and I Want Candy are playing, smoke machines and laser lights emerge from trees and tunnels, pumpkins and hay bails adorne each corner, and ride entrance and staff are dressed up for the occasion and wishing everyone a Happy Halloween. In Main Street, Brisbane Kids are invited up on the dance floor to do the Time Warp with Kenny, Belinda and their dancing friends at Kenny’s Monster Mash Up, Belinda hosts a Boo-tiful Costume Competition with a $500 prize up for grabs, and Dancin’ Bones appear twice a night to entertain the crowds. Bushrangers get in on the act at Central Station with a Halloween Hold Up and, for the little Brisbane Kids, Bananas in Pyjamas and Hoot and Hootabelle are dressed up in their Halloween best ready to have their photos taken with all their fans. 

pumpkin garden Happy halloween dreamworld

Spooktacular Experiences

Giant singing jack-o-lanterns, spooky cookie decorating, a Monster Inflatable course, The Swamp Monster Murrissippi Boarding, and themed food market stalls are just a few of the spooky additions Dreamworld have included in the night’s entertainment. As no Halloween event is complete without a hay maze and pumpkins, there is a family hay maze to work your way out of and an eerie smoking pumpkin display that lights up the night and provides the perfect backdrop for a Halloween family photo. On exiting the park, LEGO fans will be delighted to see Australia’s largest LEGO pumpkin – you can’t miss it!

lego pumpkin happy halloween dreamworld

Happy Halloween – Our Verdict

Goodbye Screamworld, Hello Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween is the event all Brisbane Families need to head along this Halloween. Singing jack-o-lanterns were only one of many awesome things about Happy Halloween at Dreamworld. The atmosphere at the park was one of delight and fun, as we joined hundreds of other families and walked around celebrating Halloween, trick or treating, dancing to Thriller with Kenny and Belinda, singing the Monster Mash and experiencing the park at night, including all the rides, which the kids (aged 10 and 12) loved. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween, make sure you head along.

Having been to Disneyland, you can see where Dreamworld got their inspiration from, and they have done a really amazing job! It is the closest thing to Disneyland in Australia right now, and we only hope that this event is replicated at Christmas and Easter!

The event is suitable for kids of all ages, without the extremely scary mazes and characters we are used to seeing at other local theme park Halloween events. The kids will not get scared at all wandering around the park, watching the shows and going on rides. And, for teens looking for the fear factor – they can go on The Giant Drop, Buzz Saw or Tower of Terror II if they need an adrenaline rush!

Fingers crossed Happy Halloween is on in 2020, as we will be there with our costumes on ready to go! 

bananas in pyjamas happy halloween dreamworld

Happy Halloween Ticket Prices and Dates

Happy Halloween is on the following dates from 6pm – 10pm

🎃Saturday 12 October – SOLD OUT

🎃Friday 18 October – EVENT PASSED

🎃Saturday 19 October – SOLD OUT

🎃Friday 25 October

🎃Saturday 26 October – SOLD OUT

Tickets are $29, or free with your Annual Pass. Grab your tickets before you go as the event has sold out on most nights!

To book tickets for Happy Halloween at Dreamworld click here.

Happy Halloween Dreamworld trick or treat bags

What you need to know before you go

👻 You can take a Trick or Treat Bag with you or buy one at Dreamworld for $5. They also have other glow products and Halloween merchandise for sale. Remember, when you go on rides no items can be taken on with you so take a backpack that will fit your trick or treat bags inside for safe storage. 

👻 Numbers are capped for the event, however the park is quite crowded so expect to wait in queues for the Trick or Treat, Halloween attractions and rides. As this event is targeted more towards younger families, the thrill ride line ups are much smaller than the kids’ rides. The longest we waited for a ride was 25 minutes on Escape to Madagascar. If you want to jump the queues, you can always buy a Ride Express pass. 

👻 Have a plan. Happy Halloween is only open for 4 hours and there is so much to see and do. Before you go, get everyone to decide on a ride they want to go on and what shows or Halloween extras they want to see. Remember to allow for wait times and be flexible as you may miss out on a show if you are still waiting in line for a ride. 

👻 Dressing up is a must! About 90% of families were dressed in their Halloween best and it adds to the overall experience. Plus, you could win $500! Dreamworld requests no masks, hoods or any object that could be mistaken as a weapon is brought into the park. 

👻 Have fun and bring a camera to record all the awesome things you did on the night! 

👻 Arrive Early… While the event starts at 6pm, the gates open a bit before so that you are inside when the action begins. While you are waiting there is entertainment, plus seeing what everyone is dressed up as makes the time fly by. 

central station happy halloween dreamworld

How to get to Dreamworld

Dreamworld is located in South East Queensland at the northern end of the Gold Coast, on the Pacific Hwy (M1) at Coomera, 17kms (20 minutes) north of Surfers Paradise and 48kms (40 minutes) south of Brisbane. Dreamworld is conveniently located near Coomera and Helensvale Stations, which are on the Gold Coast line between Brisbane and Robina, while buses also stop at Coomera. Just remember that the event ends at 10pm, so check out bus and train timetables to see when the trains and buses go, but driving maybe your best option for this special night time event. 

To book tickets or for more information on Happy Halloween at Dreamworld click here.

Brisbane Kids thanks Dreamworld for providing tickets for our writer and her family to experience Happy Halloween 2019. All the opinions stated in this article are true, honest and genuine, with the sole aim of providing enough information for families to make an informed decision about attending future Happy Halloween events at Dreamworld. 


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