Hanlon Park at Stones Corner

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The Hanlon Park project at Stones Corner features a nature-themed adventure playground for kids, long walking and riding tracks and a natural waterway running all the way through it, this area is a beautiful, nature-filled gift to the community that can call it home.

Hanlon Park Playground

hanlon park, waterway, green space, stones corner, parkland

Hanlon Park is a large, open green space in the heart of Stones Corner that has been revitalised by removing the concrete drain and returning Norman Creek to a natural waterway through the park.

With nature being the central theme, the park sees the long, meandering waterway bordered by large planted garden beds and surrounded by layered, grassy flats just perfect for a lazy afternoon picnic or frisbee throw.  Small bridges cross over the creek at two points and large floral artwork pieces can be found hidden within the natural planted gardens.

A new nature-themed play area located off Lincoln Street, close to the Stones Corner Community Kindergarten provides natural play opportunities for children aged 0-12 years, with a playground featuring sliding and climbing equipment, sand play and swings, water play, as well as shelter and seating areas for the community.

The park offers plenty of recreational fun for Brisbane kids and families.  Whether that is a picnic on the lawn, a run around the park, a bike or scooter ride, bbq’s or fun nature play. 

Nature Play / Water Play

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Everything about Hanlon Park screams nature play.  With more than 460 new trees and 43,000 new shrubs and ground cover plants added, kids will find plenty to explore and discover within this natural inner city oasis.  From the large, grassed expanses found throughout the park to the sandpit diggers, wooden beam climbing stack, water play pump and pebbled river canal in the adventure playground.

The natural waterway offers plenty of wading and water play opportunities for kids – just make sure to keep a close eye on little ones with so many unfenced water areas easily accessible to curious little ones.

Kids will love immersing themselves amongst the natural environment and can explore the waterways, plants and wildlife that are in abundance within this healthy green space.

Tip: Between the water play pump, waterway and the sand pit it might be a good idea for parents of younger kids to pack some suncreen and a spare pair of clothes.  There is plenty of opportunity here for little ones to cool off and get a bit sandy while playing.

hanlon park, nature play, water play, waterway

Agents of Discovery – Fun for Kids

agents of discovery, hanlon park

For Brisbane Kids that are after a bit of investigative and exploratory fun, Hanlon Park is one of Agents of Discovery augmented reality parks in Brisbane.  By downloading the ‘Agents of Discovery’ app on your mobile device, families can access information and unlock hiddden geo-located challenges that can only be solved through exploration and discovery. 

Learn about the natural flora and fauna of the area and discover a range of information and facts about the green space while playing too.


hanlon park, southside park, nature play, green space

Hanlon Park grounds and adventure playground areas are all easily accessible.  With plenty of on-street parking, the park offers wide pathways and flat bridges that are both pram and wheelchair friendly.  Signed posts direct visitors to each section and the adventure playground is generously spaced with clear pathways between the different play spaces it offers.

Generous pathways perfect for bikes and scooter riders wind their way all around parkland and shared pathways with an underpass also connect Hanlon Park to Gladys Street via the Norman Creek bikeway.

A new toilet block has also been constructed within the park, opposite the adventure playground, which offers unisex, wheelchair and baby change toilet facilities.

Hinterland Adventure Playground features

  • Natural waterway that supports native plants and animals
  • 460 new trees and 43,000 shrubs and groundcover plants
  • Public artworks along the waterway representing local flora
  • Nature-themed playground
  • Accessible toilets
  • Covered picnic tables
  • BBQs
  • Large grassy lawns
  • Wide bike and footpaths
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Water pump and water play
  • Sandpit and diggers
  • Wooden beam climbing structure
  • Climbing tower
  • Slides
  • Rock play
  • Many covered and uncovered seating areas, picnic shelters, BBQs

How to get to here

Hanlon Park is located at 51 Lincoln Street, Stones Corner QLD 4120. 

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