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Christmas Craft

How to make 2-dimensional Christmas Tree with handprints

This is a great simple craft activity for children of all ages. It is advised to only allow one child at a time to do this activity in order to maintain a clear Christmas tree shape.

Step 1.

Organise all of your materials.

What you will need:

  • Large sheet of paper
  • Green Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Other coloured paint for the pot

Step 2.

Lay your piece of paper somewhere flat on the ground with lots of space to move around it.

Step 3.

Paint a pot shape in the middle of the bottom of the paper.

Step 4.

Handprint Christmas Tree Making

Have your Brisbane Kids dip their hands in green paint and build up a large triangle shape of handprints (you may even like to draw a pencil outline as a guide first).

Step 5.

With clean hands, press two overlapping handprints in yellow (or other) coloured paint at the peak of the tree shape to form a star and allow to dry.

Christmas Craft

TIP: Once dry, your Brisbane Kids may like to add additional coloured handprints or stamps to decorate the tree. Stick your tree on the wall for a gorgeous 2D version of a Christmas tree that little hands won’t be in danger of destroying.

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