Speech Therapists

Speech therapists, or speech pathologists, are university trained allied health professionals that specialise in the field of speech. Yet speech therapy can help with so much more than just issues with talking.

How can a Speech Therapist help your child?

Speech therapists can help to:

  • diagnose and treat many issues to do with communication, from stuttering, speech fluency and using the voice, to understanding language, reading, writing and social skills.
  • treat people whose speech or language may be affected by developmental delays, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, autism, and many more.
  • treat people who experience problems with swallowing, including swallowing food and drinking.
  • guide children who have difficulty with their expressive language (using words together and being understandable) or their receptive language (understanding what others are saying to them).
  • coach people who need communication techniques or devices to help them communicate more effectively, from gestures and signing to picture charts and computers.

If your child needs help in any of these areas, then it is definitely worth looking into the option of speech therapy. There are many wonderful speech therapists available in Brisbane. You can find out about how they can help you and your child through the links below.

Speech Clinic is an exclusively mobile speech pathology service in Brisbane, with specialists who are passionate about supporting children and teens w...

Mobile service
Speech pathology in Brisbane

Speechcare are a Government approved provider with the DSS ‘Helping Children with Autism’ and the ‘Betterstart for Children with a Disability’...


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