Nature Workshops

Nature is an important part of our child’s outdoor play and learning experience. Not only does outdoor play help to develop the emotional and physical abilities of our child but they also teach them valuable lessons about the land and environment that we live in. It promotes cognitive, social and emotional development as well as builds creativity and resilience.

Designed to encourage children who are born into a screen-reliant generation to get out and get dirty, nature workshops are proving to be an extremely popular extracurricular activity for kids to enjoy both after school and during holidays. These workshops are designed for children of all ages and cater to a wide range of interests. Be it a creative nature-based art class, a scavenger hunt, detective runs, sensory stories or becoming a nature ranger – all workshops foster a sense of adventure and imagination within our children while teaching them lessons in science, maths, history and art.

Nature workshops are educational but they are also fun. They teach our children to get out and look up and around, to take in the world that can otherwise be lost to them when they are looking at a screen and helps them appreciate the largest natural playground we have – our world.

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