Extra Curricular Classes for Child Cares

Life sure is busy for Brisbane families these days. Juggling work and family time means there’s not a lot of time left for kids to participate in extracurricular activities. But, now there’s a way kids can join in these extra curricular classes for child cares while in organised care.


Extra curricular classes for child cares and kindys in Brisbane

There are some fantastic groups popping up around Brisbane that offer their services through child care centres, outside school hours care and community groups. By conducting these sessions during the day, it provides opportunities for participation by kids who may not have otherwise had the chance.

Whether your child is interested in language, art, sport, or music – there are groups available for all these types of activities. Imagine having the opportunity to try a few things to figure out what you really love doing. Well, our Brisbane Kids get to do just that. With sessions designed to integrate into kindergarten programs or early childhood learning, your child can develop new skills while in the familiar surroundings of their day care or kindergarten.

Many of the groups also provide their services for birthday parties or mobile classes!

Check out our list of providers who run cool extra curricular classes for child cares in Brisbane.

Chess classes

Chess in a fun, non-competitive environment for kids aged 2 to 10 as service for childcare centres and schools.

Physi kids, childcare sport classes

Physi kids classes aim to increase your students sense of physical well-being, help meet standards set out by ‘Get up and Grow Australia’ Guidelin...

Mobile service

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