Growing Strawberries at Home

There’s nothing better than the sweet flavour of home-grown strawberries! Loved by children and adults alike, it’s little wonder this easy-to-grow groundcover is among the most popular food crops in Australian home gardens.

Best time to plant:

The ideal time for planting your strawberries is June to August each year.

Planting Tips:

  • Strawberries like lots of sun, so make sure they are in a sunny position.
  • Good drainage is essential, so build up garden beds if your soil is heavy clay and dig in a good compost medium like Searles 5 IN 1™Organic Plant Food.
  • Strawberries are also ideal for growing in pots, planters or even in hanging baskets on a sunny balcony OR just plant them directly into a bag of Searles Premium Potting Mix (learn how here How to Grow Salad in a Potting Mix Bag).
  • Maintain a good layer of mulch over the soil or potting mix. This will conserve moisture, but it will also keep fruit in good condition by preventing it from touching the ground.

5 great ways to grow Strawberries at your place!

1. Hanging Basket

Strawberry Hanging Basket

2. Plastic Strawberry Planter

Strawberry in plastic

3. In a Ceramic Pot

Strawberry in orange pot

4. Bag of Potting mix

Strawberry bag potting mix

5. In the Garden

Strawberries in garden

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