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Waterfalls near Brisbane do exist and while Greenes Falls isn’t one of the biggest waterfalls, it is the journey rather than the destination that makes this 2-hour return trip walk a family favourite. You can access the walk via the Maiala Picnic Area at the top of Mount Glorious which you will find on the right-hand side of the road when you enter the range from the Samford side (see a map at the bottom of this article). The picnic area is a great starting and ending point with wood BBQs and plenty of shady spots on a huge grassy hill to have a picnic. There are toilet facilities here and plenty of parking.

How to get to the falls

As you enter the main bushwalking entrance you will come across signage that directs you to the falls. If you prefer a shorter walk there is also the Rainforest Circuit Walk which is 2 km’s return. The Greene’s Falls walk is 4.3km making it challenging but achievable for smaller children.

The walks at Mount Glorious are not pram friendly and if you took a pram you would need to consider the stairs that will need to be navigated. It can also get quite muddy after rainfall so this is more a walk for walkers.

What is Greene’s Falls walk like?

The Greene’s Falls walk is pretty easy for small children, with only a couple of places having sharp descents on either side of the track. Your kids will love the big wide fig trees and the roots that are bigger than their little bodies providing wonderful photo opportunities. The path is often built-in with wood but also muddy at points which will annoy you as much as will excite them.

It isn’t a particularly steep walk unless you take the lower circuit back. For smaller kids under 5, they may find the walk back challenging but it is not unachievable.

Bushwalking at Mount Glorious

  • If you head to Maiala first thing in the morning you will come across more birdlife and will be likely to spot a resident pademelon.

pademelon in rainforest

  • Head to Mount Glorious after some rain (but not too much rain because they might shut the falls track). When you head there after rain you will find the rainforest is alive with more smells and sounds of nature.
  • Be prepared for leeches. Don’t freak your kids out by warning them and if you come across one don’t make a big deal of it. A leech is like a little black worm that attaches itself to your skin to suck your blood. Totally harmless, just a little freaky- pull that sucker off! Wearing socks with rid sprayed on will help to deter them.

  • Spot the fungi. Most noticeable a few days after rain, the variety of fungi is quite astonishing!

  • Let the kids take some photos. A rainforest is a great place for kids to use a camera because of the forgiving and flattering light.
  • Greene’s Falls is not an overly impressive waterfalls experience but the journey itself is quite wonderful. You will find your kids come alive in the rainforest, eyes wide with wonder, a sense of renewed imagination.

What to expect at the falls

Back in 1980 when you walked to Greene’s Falls you could walk right into the falls themselves and even climb down further into the depths of the forest. National Parks need to be protected and so it is no surprise that a platform has been built to limit the damage done by visitors. People do climb over the railing to sit and view the falls, don’t be that person and don’t do it with your kids. Set the example and view from afar.

greenes falls mount glorious

The more rain the more flow. This is clearly a walk about the journey more than the destination.

Other things to do at Mount Glorious

There are other longer walks in and around Mount Glorious which you can find out about here.

There are a couple of cafes dotted around the top of the mountain which provides an opportunity for respite and different dining experiences from traditional Devonshire tea, fancier dining and cafe fare.

The best thing about Mount Glorious is the sense that time slows down a bit. Walking with children through a rainforest you will be reminded of the simple joys of childhood, wonder, laughter, fun. Encourage the children to listen, to quieten, to keep their eyes open for nature.


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  1. Trinity Bond says:

    I took the family up here today and it was one of the best walks I’ve been on around Brisbane – much better than our usual Mt Coot-tha hikes. Even though there was not much water to be seen, the general environment was spectacular. So very worth the drive. Thanks for listing this one BK.

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