Ways To Meet Other Parents In Brisbane

Where to meet other mums in Brisbane

Making new friends and finding ways to meet other parents in Brisbane is what this post is about whether you are a local or new resident to Brisbane. The saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” could have been written with parents in mind. Those muddling first months with a newborn are magical, but often come with anxieties about feeding, sleeping and settling. As kids grow, the magic and the challenges change.

Sharing questions, advice and comedic moments with others can really help put it all in perspective. And kids love spending time with other kids.

So where can you go to meet other mums in Brisbane?

Thankfully, there are loads of places!

> Your Community Child Health Service

The Community Child Health Service is a great place to start. New parents can sign up for information sessions on topics like feeding and settling. Attendees can then exchange numbers and arrange to meet up. All of this might seem like a lot of hassle if you have a fussy baby and no time to shower. But it’s amazing the bonds that can be formed through shared experiences. One minute you’re tentatively introducing yourself, the next you’re nodding in furious agreement when someone mentions cracked nipples, that first postpartum bowel movement or the unparalleled joy of seeing a baby’s first smile. You can register for classes and other support services by calling 1300 366 039.

Where to meet other mums in Brisbane

> The Australian Breastfeeding Association

Australian Breastfeeding Association meetings and sessions run in chemists by lactation consultants, are another source of support and the perfect place to meet other mums in Brisbane.


> Playgroups

For parents of older babies and toddlers, why not join a playgroup? We have many featured here, or you can head straight to Playgroup Queensland. It lists dozens of groups across Brisbane, including meetings especially for people with English as a second language. All you need is a child under the age of five.

> Local Libraries

Brisbane City Council Libraries, Moreton Bay Region Libraries, Logan Libraries, Redland Libraries and Ipswich Libraries can be another wonderful resource. They offer free story time groups, rhyme time, craft sessions and more. Some parents make it part of their weekly schedule, so it doesn’t take long for the usual suspects to become coffee buddies.

Kids sitting on mat

> Dance and Movement Classes for Children

The PCYC runs dance, playtime and movement sessions at various locations in Brisbane. They usually offer free trial classes so you can try before you buy.

Where to meet other mums in Brisbane

> Swimming Lessons for Kids

Swimming lessons run all year round at many public pools and lessons at private learn to swim schools are another great way to meet other mums in Brisbane and to make new friends.

Swimming lessons in Brisbane

> Mums’ Fitness Classes

Active parents (or inactive ones that want to get moving) should also consider outdoor boot camps and fitness classes held in parks. Some have babysitters to jiggle unsettled infants and run after errant toddlers. Other gatherings rely on parents to take turns tending to little ones.

Where to meet other mums in Brisbane

> Your Local Park

Meeting other parents can also be as simple as heading to your local park in the afternoon.

Teralba Park Playground

The options really are endless. It’s a bit like going to the gym, the first trip is the hardest. Luckily, there’s generally cake and caffeine on hand.

And if it really is too hard to leave the house, why not join an online community? Brisbane Kids is a great place to start – join our Facebook page to be in the loop!

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