The Great Queensland Week Adventure Trail

Queensland Week is almost here!

How many people in our beautiful city are actually aware that Queensland Week is almost upon us?   That’s right, from 31 May – 8 June our wonderful state (the best one there is!) with its culture, heritage, people and industry is going to be celebrated by all who love it.  It’s a great reminder of just how amazing the place we call home, (along with the incredible lifestyle it affords us),  really is and there are many great events and festivities that you can get involved in as well!

The Great Queensland Week Adventure Trail

Queensland Week Adventure Trail

One of the most exciting events being run in Brisbane this year is The Great Queensland Week Adventure Trail.  This full day team-focussed event kicks off at The Courier-Mail Piazza in South Bank from 9am on Sunday, 8th June and promises to be an awesome day filled with adventure, exploration and most of all fun.

Teams of up to 10 people (with a minimum of 2) will compete against each other as they explore our beautiful city in search of hidden answers to clues and take on a range of exciting challenges in their quest to be crowned the winners!   Team captains will be texted clues along the way to solve that celebrate Queensland’s milestones and achievements and in the process of discovery will find themselves amongst some of the city’s most iconic sites.  Participants are also guaranteed to meet some colourful Queensland characters as they move between checkpoints completing puzzles and challenges where possible.

Who can enter?

The best thing about this competition is that it really can be a family affair.  Prizes are not awarded based on the speed of those in it and children are encouraged to participate.  There are two trails that you can choose from when you register, one that is a full trail which is open to teams of all ages and levels of athleticism and the other is a designated children’s trail.  This trail is a shorter version of the first and is tailored to smaller teams with kids under four years of age.  All team captains must be over 18 years of age though.

The more creative the better!

Queensland Week Adventure Trail

Participants are also encouraged to be creative when it comes to their team costume and get up for the day.  There will be giveaways to the team with the best name and also for those with the best costume!  That’s right!  Dress up or dress down, add some sparkles, wig, spray paint or frills.  Whatever it takes to make you stand out and it will definitely add to the general excitement and fun of the event.

What to do now?

If you are interested in taking part in The Great Queensland Week Adventure Trail then you should start getting your team together now. The cost to register your team is only $10.00 but be sure to check out the actual website for all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions for the day before you do so.   For all the information you may need on this visit the events website today.

So what are you waiting for?  This is the perfect opportunity to get active with your family and friends.  To have a little fun outdoors and at the same time visit some of the great sites our city has to offer.  And who knows?  Amongst all the fun, celebration, adventure and challenge you may also learn some really super facts about this brilliant land we call our home.

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