Gowan Road Park | Wildlife Spotting Park

Gowan Road Park is a lush green space that is fantastic for wildlife spotting.

Gowan Road Park – The Fun

Gowan Road Park, or Golden Avenue Playground, may not have a huge amount of play equipment, however there is still plenty to do here and lots of space for Brisbane Kids of all ages. The play equipment, which is sheltered by a colourful shade sail, consists of some swings, a climbing structure and some rockers on a soft fall base. There are no toilets in this park, so you’ll need to plan ahead. There are some shelters and a barbeque, though they are not very close to the playground. A pond with lots of Lilly pads is one of the parks best features and there are often ducks or other wildlife present.

Imagination Factor

The pond with rocks and Lilly pads at Gowan Road Park is a fantastic spot for spotting wildlife. Your Brisbane Kid will love going on a bush adventure and naming the various creatures that they see along the way. Younger Brisbane Kids will have a great time feeding the ducks, but keep a close eye on them near to the water as it is very open.

Special Needs

There really aren’t many facilities provided at Gowan Road Park. There are no concrete paths through the park, so navigating with a wheelchair would be quite difficult. The playground is unfenced.

Gowan Road Park – The Facts

  • Playground equipment for younger children over a softfall bark base
  • Unfenced playground with shade sail
  • Swings
  • Rockers
  • Climbing station
  • Shelters
  • BBQ
  • Pond with rocks and Lilly pads
  • Ducks
  • Other wildlife
  • Many shady trees
  • Bike path nearby
  • Street parking

Another nearby Brisbane Playground is Calamvale District Park.

Gowan Road Park is located on the corner of Golden Avenue & Tupelo Street in Calamvale.

Center map

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