The Gollum Tree at Scarborough Beach | A Touch of Magic for Brisbane Kids

Gollum Tree Scarborough

A mysterious door has appeared in one of Scarborough Beach’s beautiful Norfolk Pine trees — and local legend has it that Gollum, of Lord of the Rings fame, is residing inside!

Brisbane Kids and Lord of the Rings enthusiasts will love examining this magical door and peeking through the small window to spot a light-up Gollum figurine inside.

Gollum Tree Brisbane

A message is also inscribed, to add a bit of fun to the attraction:

This tree may now unfold

A secret thus far untold

So shake all about

Wiggle thy bum

He may then speak

To the chosen one

Gollum Tree Brisbane Kids

But perhaps the best part of this story is that no one knows who installed this piece of art, or why.

Whatever the reason, it has become a well-loved and precious (get it?) feature of beautiful Scarborough and even has its own Facebook page and dedicated following.

The Gollum Tree is definitely worth a visit, particularly as it is located next to Scarborough Beach Park with playground, barbecues, beach and lots more to keep the whole family entertained.

Mysterious Gollum Tree

Have you visited the Gollum Tree recently? Share your stories and photographs with us on the Brisbane Kids Facebook page!

The Gollum Tree is located on Landsborough Parade in Scarborough. For playgrounds nearby, check out Scarborough Beach Park  also at Scarborough Beach, and Amity Playground in Redcliffe.

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