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Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours run guided lessons on electric motorized hydrofoil surfboards. It’s super easy to learn and a completely unique experience of flying above the water.

The tour includes a lesson on a motorized electric hydrofoil surfboard called a Fliteboard eFoil. Lessons run for 2 hours and come with a highly experienced professional hydrofoil coach who will guide you through every step of the way.

Hydrofoiling is easy!

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No matter how what experience level your kids may be at, hydrofoiling has an easier learning curve than snowboarding, skiing, or kiteboarding, with an overall reward that is far greater. During an introduction tour at Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours, kids will learn how to use the equipment properly as they build up their skills and confidence to enjoy the activity on their own safely.

What are Fliteboards?

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Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours uses Fliteboards, the leading brand on the market for hydrofoiling. Fliteboards are electric hydrofoils that allow users to glide above the water using a hand-held remote control. Fliteboards are approximately half the size of a traditional surfboard that sits atop a mini hydrofoil. Surfers can hover about half a meter above water and waves quickly and quietly.

Learning how to hydrofoil

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As an authorized fliteschool, Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours instructors use the best boards on the market to teach kids as young as 12 to hydrofoil in only a few hours safely and easily. It typically only takes one session before kids are gliding across the waters on their own. Those that are interested in water sports will truly enjoy learning how to master one of the newest activities available as it gives them the freedom to explore the open waters with ease.

Kids under 14 need to have a parent on the lesson with them. Don’t worry it’s super easy for both adults and kids. There past students have ranged from ages 12 – 73

Where is Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours?

Situated in the marina in Surfers Paradise behind the Surfers Paradise Resort and Spa, visitors can reach Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours by using the boardwalk access nearby. With free public parking located nearby the resort, the tours begin daily at 8 am and continue throughout the day until the sunsets. Since hydrofoiling is one of the most popular activities in the area, it is advised to book as early as possible to ensure a spot for the day.

All kids need to get started are swimmers, some sunscreen and a spirit of adventure. Lifejackets and helmets are provided for all participants with each booking. Kids that visit Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours for the first time will have their senses heightened in ways they have never experienced before!

To find out more and to book a lesson head to their website



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