Goat Feeding at Naughty Little Kids

a goat looking into camera

Naughty Little Kids is a working farm near Brisbane very recently opened to the community to allow families to visit and experience the inner workings of a goat farm.

As parents, we have moments where we feel our hands are full caring for our kids, so spare a thought for Farmer Nathan from Naughty Little Kids. He’s running a 40-acre goat farm and dairy with approximately 100 goats. As if that wasn’t challenging enough he opens the farm gate to families each Sunday afternoon for tours. Obviously, he doesn’t buy into the mantra of not working with children or animals.

Goat Feeding

Diane welcomes guests as they arrive, while Nathan runs the tours. Both are clearly passionate about their goats and enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors. The first stop was the goat feeding where kids are each given a bottle of milk to feed the goats. We can see why they’re called Naughty Little Kids, the baby goats were very eager for their bottles and would clamber over top of each other for a drink. For this reason, visitors and goats are separated by a mesh fence during feeding, which also means small children can safely feed the goats without being knocked about.

kids feeding goats from bottle

Goat Milking

Our next stop was the milking station. Farmer Nathan collected a rather placid goat named Jam Drops and got her up on the milking stand. Normally the goats are milked elsewhere however, the mobile stand gives kids a 360-degree view of the milking process. While Jam Drop digs into her feed, Nathan demonstrates how to milk a goat then encourages the kids to get hands-on and have a go. Expect many squeals of delight!

goat milking on a farm

Cheese Making

The next part of the experience is learning how ricotta cheese is made. Who knew it was so quick and simple? We won’t give it away but it’s interesting to see how the end product is made and you get a chance to taste test the award-winning gelato and cheese! All the products are made with only natural colours and flavourings. We tried chocolate, strawberry, mint and coffee gelato. Yum!

icecream gelato made from goat milk

Naughty Little Kids is a working family farm and opening it up to visitors is a relatively new venture. The family is very welcoming and ensure all the children get the opportunity to get to participate and enjoy themselves. A full tour is roughly 45 minutes. Shade is limited which isn’t a problem in the cooler months but we suggest taking sun precautions in the warmer months and perhaps even packing an umbrella for shade.

naughty little kids goat farm

This is an experience aimed at younger Brisbane Kids and there isn’t much walking between activities which is great for little legs. For those with wheelchairs and prams, the area is a maintained grassy paddock, so not completely smooth but entirely possible to get around.

What you need to know

  • Off street car parking
  • Cash and Eftpos is available
  • Farm gate shop for gelato and cheese
  • Activities include feeding baby goats, milking goats, making ricotta and taste testing gelato and cheese
  • Wheelchair and pram friendly
  • Bathroom not suited to wheelchairs
  • Pack hats, sunscreen and water bottles

Naughty Little Kids Dairy is just on an hour from Brisbane and located at 1531 Ipswich Boonah Road at Peak Crossing. While it’s defintely day trip criteria you can use it as an opportunity to check out all the best Ipswich playgrounds including Ripley Adventure Park or swing the Ipswich Nature Centre on the way home for some free animal fun.

The farm tours run each Sunday from 1pm until 5pm excluding public holidays. No bookings are required.


Pricing at time of publication were – Family (two adults and six children) $35 Adults $15 Children $5

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