Girls’ Birthday Parties in Brisbane

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s a party! For them, it’s a really exciting way to celebrate their birthday. They get to spend time with family and friends, have fun and play games, enjoy treats and cake, and feel very special on their special day. For parents, however, birthday parties can be daunting. We want to make them special and memorable for our little ones but there’s so much to think about, from the venue and decorations to the food and entertainment. If your little girl has a birthday coming up, fear not — we’ve pulled together all the resources you need for amazing, easy and stress free girls’ birthday parties in Brisbane!

Party inspiration

If you need some inspiration for an upcoming party, you can check out this directory of Party Ideas. If your little girl has a favourite TV show or film, a favourite character or something she’s really into, basing her party around that theme can be a great way to find lots of party inspiration and can make the day even more exciting for her. We’ve compiled awesome ideas for themed birthday parties that include everything from food and decorations to games and free printable items. Some of our most popular girls’ birthday party themes are:

Girls' birthday party

Party venues for girls’ birthday parties in Brisbane

For a range of party venue ideas, check out the Best Kids’ Party Venues in Brisbane. This includes ideas for parks (visit our Playgrounds Map to find the best parks and playgrounds closest to you), indoor play centres, laser, bowling and racing, train parties, horse riding parties, skating parties and pool parties.

Here are some other popular places for girls’ birthday parties:

See our Party Venues and Themed Entertainment here for more ideas.

Girls’ Birthday Party supplies

For kids’ party supplies, check out our directory of Party Supplies. You should also check out your local dollar store, reject shop and Spotlight.

  • Girls' birthday party

Party food

If you’re making your own party food, check out our Low Stress & Healthier Sweet Party Food Ideas and Low Stress & Healthier Sweet Party Food Ideas.

If you’re looking for food suppliers, check out our Caterers and Cake Makers. Party food in Brisbane is available from:

Party games and activities

For a girl’s birthday party, activities can include dressing up, face painting, mini makeovers, crafts, jewellery making, dancing, karaoke or whatever your little one is most into. For games ideas, check our 20 Fun Party Games for Toddlers and 10 Best Balloon Games with Kids.

Girls' birthday party

Party organisers and entertainers for girls’ birthday parties in Brisbane

If you have the venue, food and supplies sorted and you would like some help with the entertainment, there are many choices available for organisers and entertainers for girls’ parties. See our extensive Party Entertainers directory here. Popular options for girls’ birthday party entertainment include:

We hope our ideas will help to make your little girl’s birthday party really magical. If you know of any other awesome party venues, suppliers or entertainers, let us know in the comments!

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