Gift Ideas For New Mums

Mum to be presents

A special time in a woman’s life is when a woman gives birth to a beautiful baby. No matter how rough, long and emotional (among other things) the labour was, the joy a new baby gives is priceless.

Over the months to come, this new Mum will learn about time management, clever ways to avoid getting food or (other things) on them and finding a way to bring a smile to the little baby’s face.

Baby showers are a fantastic idea to give new items to add to the baby’s closet, bedroom and memories. Yet, a gift to a new Mum should include anything indulgent, treasure sake, peaceful and bring a smile to her face. Even when it took an hour to get the baby to sleep and she has finally put her feet up, knowing in only forty minutes her little treasure may stir again.

Here are the top 8 gift suggestions for new mums:

1. A Pamper Voucher

Day spa

A twelve month gift voucher for a massage, nails or a haircut and blow-dry, will bring a smile to any new Mums face. Even better if the hairdresser or spa specialist can come to the Mother’s house. Or …

2. Babysitting Services

Dinner time

Offer to babysit, while the new Mum does something special for herself. (Even if it is only for 30 minutes to an hour). This simple time away from bubs, is enough for any new Mum to feel like she has had a vacation.

3. A Cleaner


Adopt a cleaning maid for a period of time. All new Mums would be forever grateful to receive a cleaner once a week. Especially when chores take Mum away from bonding with her baby or precious rest times. Show her, she does not need to be a superwoman. For a cheaper alternative, visit once a week for thirty minutes to an hour and do some cleaning and catch up on the gossip. (This will also help her feel loved and have another adult to talk to.)

4. Clothing Voucher or Gift Basket

IMAGE CREDIT: Milk and Love

IMAGE CREDIT: Milk and Love

Give the new Mum a fashion gift voucher, where she can only spend the gift voucher on herself. And with a transformed body, what better way to come out and say, ‘Look at me, I am a new Mum and I am loving it.’ Many maternity stores also create gorgeous gift baskets for mums, which can include a range of clothing and personal care products just for her.

5. Keepsakes

Crystal Keepsakes

IMAGE CREDIT: Crystal Keepsakes

Keepsake items, that create lasting memories for the whole family, are a great way for Mum to spend time creating a scrap book of new memories. Or to fill a box of treasured memories, including the baby’s first item worn home, the smallest socks ever laid eyes on and more. This is a gift that will be treasured by the family, forever.

6. A Holiday Voucher

family holiday

Give a weekend away trip to the new family. A voucher that can be used within 12 or 18 months is ideal. A family holiday brings everyone together and in a restful manner.

7. Furniture or big ticket necessities


IMAGE CREDIT: Bambino Home

Practical baby gifts that are always needed. Be sure to tell the parents in advance of baby being born or the baby shower, so they do not buy it themselves. Furniture, and items such as a pram, stroller, cot, a nappy change table or a car seat are the more expensive items that would be more than appreciated if they were gifted.

8. Nursery Decorations

butterfly-sleepy-light-aloka-night-light-bk IMAGE CREDIT: My Night Light

Baby room decorations. Have you seen those adorable airplane mobile toys, or the wooden engraved name block? What about a memorial wall, or night lights and curtains? There are many ideas you could help design a baby’s room with. Plus it is really fun.

For more gorgeous gift ideas for new mums, take a look at our Gifts for Mums + Mums to Be page. 

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