Get lost at the Granite Belt Maze (Stanthorpe)

Girl climbing pole in Granite Belt Maze

Riddle: I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am !?

If you want to know the answer, head to The Granite Belt Maze near Stanthorpe to find out. Owners Craig and Sandra Williams have dozens of riddles on hand (with varying degrees of difficulty) that can only be solved by finding the clues and completing their hand-built, wooden maze. The average distance to solve a riddle is approximately three kilometres of hot-tailing it through the maze, and it makes a great activity for the whole family to work together on. 

The object of the maze is to search it from side to side and end to end looking for clues that will reveal the answer to the riddle. As with most mazes, there’s plenty of dead ends and a clever layout designed to fool you. The riddles are changed each month so that return visitors are challenged anew each time. The maze is fantastic fun for all ages: mums, dads, kids and grandparents can navigate their way through the twists and turns and the entire venue is wheelchair and pram accessible. If you’re really lost, you can climb the viewing platform to get your bearings!

Girl on oversized seat at The Granite Belt Maze

Other things to do at The Granite Belt Maze

Girl entering mini maze at The Granite Belt maze

Mini Maze

The Mini Maze was designed to be see-through so that parents can keep a close watch on little ones at all times. This maze also requires solving a riddle, and these riddles change often throughout the year. Plus, these mazes are the only ones in Queensland where it can snow!

Girl playing mini golf at The Granite Belt Maze

Mini Golf

Your entry fee includes access to the mazes and a game of mini-golf. Extra games of mini-golf are only $2 per person. This nine-hole course is perfect for kids and has enough obstacles to make it challenging. Children under five years are free.

kids drinking slushies at The Granite Belt maze


This canteen is well stocked with sandwiches and rolls, pies and sausage rolls, hot dogs, fish and chips, scones, muffins, ice creams and other snack foods. They also sell coffee, tea, slushies, soft drink and bottled water. There’s plenty of pleasant areas to sit within the gardens and watch the kids play while you relax with a drink. The toilet is located next to the canteen.

jumbo chess at The Granite Belt maze

Jumbo Chess

This is a great way to teach your kids how to play chess, or to have a game of kids versus adults! In addition to the jumbo chess, there’s a giant chair that makes a great photo prop. There’s also plenty of candid and humorous signs to read around the property.

Boy at The Granite Belt Maze

What you need to know

The Granite Belt Maze is open six days per week from 9 am to 5 pm (closed Wednesdays). Last entries are at 4 pm. During Queensland school holidays it is open every day. It closes Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Anzac Day, and is also shut between the 1st and 14th of February each year.

The Granite Belt Maze is located at 364 Old Warwick Road, Glen Niven. To find out more, visit The Granite Belt Maze website or phone 0467824520. For more ideas on things to do in The Granite Belt region, check out our family-friendly itinerary to Stanthorpe and surrounds.

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