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Pony ride at Gap Creek

Camping in Tregony

It took us nearly two hours to get to Gap Creek Farmstay from our home in Thornlands in the Redlands area. The farm is very easy to find, with plenty of road signs warning you when the turn-off is. It’s located on a bend in the road.

We stayed for three nights in the Gum Tree Flat Area and have already booked to stay again the same time this year. The grounds were booked out when we stayed in December 2013, but you could have fit plenty more people there. It felt empty, which was actually great as we had a massive campsite area just for us with no neighbours. The amount of space we had to ourselves is definitely part of the reason we have booked again—if that was what they classified as full, then we will come back again and again!


Most of the four days we stayed at Gap Creek Farmstay were spent either riding or eating and resting. There is a creek on site, but, as they haven’t had much rain recently, the water level was a little on the low side. I highly recommend this location if you have dirt bike riders in the family—they will love it! One of our kids spent most of his time out there riding; we barely saw him unless he needed food, drink or a part fixed or replaced, which happened seven times. There were a lot of flies around, but not as many as the last time we stayed.

Dirt bike riding

One evening during our stay, we drove back to Aratula to have a pub dinner and the food there was awesome. The food was a bit slow coming out, but it was quite busy and they had a new cook. I would definitely recommend this as a meal option during your stay.

The people at Gap Creek Farmstay were amazing and very accommodating. We took the kids for pony rides for $10 each and they loved it. They also have daily 8am animal feedings for you to attend and join in with. The kids feed goats, chickens and got a cup of warm milk which they could make any flavour. They even got to try and milk the cow themselves. On New Year’s Eve the management also put on spit roast pork and lamb rolls for you to buy and hosted a fireworks display, which came on at 8pm and again at midnight.

Kids with animals

In summary, yes, we loved Gap Creek Farmstay and, from what they have told us, there will be more dirt bike tracks in the future when we stay. We have already booked at least one trip out there and may be doing at least a day trip as well. I personally don’t ride dirt bikes, but still enjoyed staying there. The only down side was the lack of water to cool off in, which is an issue in the warmer months. The place is awesomely priced and very affordable for families. The facilities were great, as they clean them twice a day and are always checking to make sure there is plenty of toilet paper. They also come around daily to pick up rubbish. The management at Gap Creek Farmstay couldn’t have been more helpful throughout our visit.

Dirt bike

Facilities at Gap Creek Farmstay

  • Powered and unpowered campsites
  • Unisex amenities centre, which has toilets and hot showers
  • A waterless toilet located near the Gum tree Flat Area (you do need to take a light with you at night when you go in)
  • A hamburger hut where you can order coffee and food
  • Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash or kept in your campsite

Hamburger Hut

Activities to enjoy at Gap Creek Farmstay

  • There is plenty of room for dirt bike riding, whether it is on the road or doing the hill climbs. Kids can go on the marked out tracks. There are tracks there for under 6 years, under 10 years, a kids’ advanced track and a women’s learning track. There is over 650 acres of dirt biking fun to be had, with a combination of flat and hilly areas to explore.
  • Plenty of bushwalking opportunities
  • The kids will love the pony rides. They don’t have any ponies that will let the kids ride them, but they have some big horses instead. Both my children aged 4 and 2 went for pony rides and loved it!
  • Gap Creek Farms animal feeding activity at 8am each morning. They currently have Dorper sheep, hand fed Boer goats, chickens, a cow to milk and pigs to feed. One of their Shetland ponies, Wattle, has recently had a foal, Sparkle, and if you are lucky enough sometimes she will bring it around to say good morning. The kids were lucky, as they were able to say hello to Sparkle.

Pony ride

How to make the most of your stay at Gap Creek Farmstay

  • Make sure to bring plenty of fuel for your bikes, especially the kids’—you will never see them unless they are out of fuel.
  • There is a little shop in the office for bike parts, firewood, drinks and munchies, otherwise there are plenty of petrol stations or Bestbrook next door who sell bread and other supplies.
  • There is a bike place in town that sells spare parts, but, as we stayed over the New Year, they weren’t open when we needed them so we had to drive to Toowoomba.

Gap Creek

Gap Creek Farm is located at 9674 Cunningham’s Highway in Tregony.  You can find more information on Gap Creek Farmstay here –

Thanks to Kylie for this camp site review!

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