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The Gallery of Modern Art

Give any child some colour pencils, pens, paints and a piece of paper (or a wall if you are unlucky enough to have the adventurous creative who likes to work on a larger canvas) and you have on your hands a little artist.  Usually these simple tools promote deep concentration, tongues clasped firmly between lips as they scribble and scrawl and colour until at last they reveal their illustration usually so abstract that it requires an artist’s description to decipher. Not only does it keep them busy but it helps encourage their creative skills and imagination and is an important activity for them to engage in for their development and enjoyment.

Make Art and Culture a Priority

Next time you are hunting for a fun way to pass the day with the kids why not take it a step further and introduce them to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane?  Home to not only some of the best art pieces from modern artists that together you can talk about and question it also houses the Children’s Art Centre – a place dedicated to encouraging hands-on artistic fun for little ones.  In fact, GOMA and the Queensland Art Gallery (two separate galleries that exist under the one umbrella) have a strong focus on encouraging children’s artistic involvement and frequently have initiatives and commissioned exhibitions created with children in mind.

kids activities at GOMA

Exhibitions for Kids at GOMA

As the exhibitions usually only have a limited run time and there are always new ones starting up it is a good idea to keep an eye on the website for what is coming soon both for adults and for kids.  Child-friendly exhibits are frequently hosted by either GOMA or the Queensland Art Gallery though the Children’s Art Centre will always have an activity-based initiative running.

A trip to GOMA can take an hour or five and the best part is entry and all activities are FREE! It is located in Southbank and easily accessible by public transport though if you are driving in you can park for a flat rate of $16 in the Art Gallery / Museum carpark.  If taking small children, there are areas that prams simply do not fit, however there is pram parking and be aware that back packs are not allowed in the gallery space, but can be registered in the front foyer.

So help encourage your budding artist and take them for a day out at the Gallery of Modern Art. Not only will they be happily creating free crafts and lasting memories, but you will be able to keep those walls at home art-free in the process too! The Gallery of Modern Art has also launched a specific portal for their children’s centre with updated information and activities for kids

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