fun apps for kids

50 Fun apps for Kids

Apps for android and iphone and ipads

1. What animal am I? (it make noises, teaches counting and animals) – iPhone

2. Talking Rex (talking dinosaur that mimics what you say) – Android & iPhone

App is available on both iPhone and Android phones. Rex the dinosaur is a fun interactive novelty app, as you record yourself speaking and play it back!

3. Toca Tea Party (social and interactive) – iPad

Your kids can have their own tea party around the iPad. Creative fun game for chidren ages 3 and above. Set the table, select from 9 different cookies and cakes to eat. There are fun sounds, hand drawn graphics which allow you to invoke your childs imagination with this fun no mess imaginative play with your child.

4. My Silly Sounds Farm app (good for parent and child interaction) – iPhone

Is a fun app which allows your children to learn the sounds 7 different farm animals make, BUT it also allows you to record your own silly sounds for the animals to make! There is also a multiscreen and playscape which allows your child to create silly stories with the animals.

5. Lazy Larry Lizard iPad

Larry Lizard is an interactive animated children’s book, that teaches kids how to really make Larry happy along the way! With Aussie bush sounds and read to me option.

6. My Playhome iPhone

Is am interactive doll house game for the new generation. Easy enough for 2year olds but creative enough for older kids, this will get all the kids wanting to play! Everything in the doll house is useable!

7. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iPhone & Android

For preschoolers aged 2-5 years! Kids learn by helping monkeys pack a lunch. Games include colours, counting, puzzles, letters, matching, shapes and spot the difference.

8. iWriteWords (Handwriting Game) (interactive alphabet) iPhone

Teaches kids handwriting, while playing fun games. A great app if your child is ready to start writing.

9. Android App Toddler Lock.

It shuts down all the buttons and functions of the phone unless a particular pattern is placed into the phone. It does however let the kids draw fluorescent pictures and shapes with a peaceful tinkling sound.

10. Angry Birds – Android & iPhone

A fun game with 3 series. Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. A challenging game of skill and logic required to get rid of the greedy pigs, release the captured birds or be rid of the Monkeys! The Angry Birds have different abilities, that require a quick touch of the screen. Fling them with a sling shot to try and destroy the fortresses!

11. Peekaboo Babies (for babies) iPhone

12. Baby Safari Animals (for babies) iPhone

Is a match game using baby animal pictures. The photos can also be downloaded and used as wallpaper or sent to a friend!

13. Vintage Toy Piano (for babies) iPhone

To replicate the sound of a vintage wooden piano. Simple easy to use.

14. Tozzle (puzzle) iPhone

For kids 2 and up, fun educational selection of 42 puzzles. Easy to navigate through, helping arrow if your child struggles to find the right gap. Once the puzzle is solved by the child tapping their fingers on the figures, it creates sound effects!

15. leapfrog app iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Choose from a number of apps from Leapfrog. From ABC, 123 Carnival, Toddler Rhythms, Scout’s Music, Sing Along with Us!, Scout & Me (Free) and Shapes & Colours Farm. Each app is interactive, fun and educational and same graphics as used in the original Leapfrog merchandise!

16. Old Macdonalds farm (for younger kids) iphone

A sing-a-long app that allows children to learn the names and sounds of animals with music. Simple to use and interactive.

17. Itsy bitsy spider (for younger kids) iPhone & Andriod

Interactive, colourful story based on the original popular childrens song. This app allows your children to explore everything in the online story as it has 100% interactive illustrations. Your children can also learn about the environment, animals and nature as the friendly Fly in every scene will answer questions such as What makes a Rainbow?! There are also fun learning activities such as counting to 10, record your own singing and various other activites.

18.  Where’s my water iphone and Android

2 different stories – with over 200 puzzles. Swampy’s story – Basically the pipes are broken, you need to collect the ducks by directing the water by digging through the mud and directing it through the dirt into the right pipes to the alligators shower! Teaches kids the importance of looking after our fresh water supply!

19. Where’s Wally- like the book iPhone & Android

Just like the book, fun, interactive new version of the classic, Where’s Waldo?. There are 12 different magical worlds, suitable for all ages. There are new effects designed to make the game a more fun filled experience with Thunder clap for example making the whole screen shake and many more.

20. Alphabet Song – there are a few different versions!!! Both available for Android & iPhone, iPad

21. Elmo Loves ABCs iPad

Elmo loves his ABCs and in this fun app, Elmo creates a new alphabet song. Features include tracing letters, learning to find letters, unlocking surprises, letter sounds, music. Fun App that kids will love as kids LOVE ELMO!!!

22. Monkey preschool iPhone & Android

3 series in the Monkey Preschool range include Monkey Preschool – When I Grow Up! (unlimited open play for kids to explore what the want to be when they grow up, dress up the monkeys and have fun. Designed for preschoolers simple to use but fun and interactive), Monkey Mathschool Sunshine (ages 3-6 allows kids to build maths skills with 9 fun educational games such as connect the dots, less/more, write it up!, sequence, bubble pop and more) and Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (as already featured).

23. Starfall ABC iPhone

Taken from the starfall website, they have turned the ABC section only into an App, where fun, interactive way to learn English skills, recognise letters, sounds in words, sentences, games and more. For 4 year olds and up.

24. Monkey Math iPhone & Android

For around 6 years and up. Interactive game that ‘challenges’ the childs mind, with fun settings, that keep your child involved! Addition, subtraction, multiplication and more maths sums.

25. Count TV iPhone

Teach your child to count with the Count from Sesame Street. Stars many of your kids favourite characters including Ernie and Cookie Monster, while teaching them to count, number recognition. Also has Videos and classic clips from Sesame Street!

26. School A-Z iPhone

An App developed by NSW Education Department, it is a must have for Parents with school aged children. A vital tool to help you understand and help your kids with their homework. From spelling, to technology, English and maths and more!

27. Baby sign and learn iPhone & Android

This app has an animated baby doing key word signs from Auslan. It also allows you to select signing from other sign language dialect, such as Hong Kong, NZ, British sign and American sign! A great app to teach child and parent signing, which can be a vital tool while growing up! You and your child don’t need to have hearing difficulties to learn to sign!

28. Goodie Words iphone

15 hard to explain words for kids that come with activites, to help kids and parents learn in a very fun interactive way!

29. Autism App iPhone

Is a resource app that allows anyone looking for apps for people to use that have been diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome or other special needs. There are links to information, learning apps, video demonstrations and more. A great resource app.

30. Elmo’s Monster Maker iPhone

Create a monster friend for Elmo, in this fun interactive app with the loveable Elmo. Choose a body, head, eyes, nose and hat and Elmo will interact with your monster. Elmo will take a picture of your Monster which you can then save in your photo album. Easy to use.

31. Barbie “I can be” and “fashionista” iPhone

Barbie ‘I can Be’ app allows children to choose from 3 careers, Pizza Chef, Vet or Baker. Simple app that allows children to create a new story each time, be rewarded with a diploma at the end. ‘Fashionista’ app allows children to create new looks, change characters, hairstyles, accessories and colours to create their own Barbie! Take a pic and save to your phone.

32. Teach me kindergarten iPhone

App specifically designed for Kindergarten aged kids, with subjects that are age appropriate. Spelling, Subtraction, Addition and Sight Words. Parents are able to set difficulty levels and review the history to view their childs performance to check how they are progressing. Rewards are given in form of virtual stickers, an aquarium. Simple to use without the kids needing mum or dads help.

33. Teach Me 1st Grade iPhone

Much like the Kindergarten app, this app teaches 4 age appropriate subjects, but also has the technology of TeachTech which ‘reads’ your child’s handwriting! In this app, children WRITE their answers on the screen. A great app.

34. Feed Me! – Pencilbot Preschool iPhone

Targeted for children under 5, this app is fun and colourful and the aim is to FEED the monster the correct answers. So a thought box will come up with a green splotch in it, your child then is shown a list of 3 items to the side and has to choose which one is the correct one based on colour! Etc. Fun and simple to use for little hands and minds!

35. Zoola Android & iPhone

Teaches children about animals, animals families and the sounds they make. Fun and educational!

36. Peppa Pig iPhone

A range of games from a licensed app from the much loved Peppa Pig. Fun, interactive and educational. There are 3 apps to choose from Muddy Puddles, Polly Parrot and Happy Mrs Chicken and also exclusive to iPad Peppa Pig Party Time.

37. Duck Duck Moose iPhone & limited Android

Duck Duck Moose have created 9 educational apps for kids based on popular children’s songs. The following are ONLY available on iPhone or iPad – Puzzle Pop, Peek-a-Zoo, Musical Me!, Word Wagon, Park Math, Fish School, Itsy Bitsy Spider (already listed) and Old MacDonald. Baa Baa Blacksheep is ONLY available for iPhone and Wheels on the Bus IS available for Android, iPhone & iPad.

38. First Words Deluxe (though there is also a free version) iPhone

Great for your toddler, easy app with 174 words including animals, colours, shapes, vehicles and words from around the house! It includes support for phonics and helps your child get a head start on learning to spell and recognising letters.

39. Fisher Price have free apps iPhone

Fisher Price and it’s much loved Laugh & Learn has released a number of apps for your baby-toddler. These free apps are Animal Sounds, Where’s Puppy’s Nose? And Let’s Count Animals! Interactive and easy for bubs to use, as you tilt the screen, shake it and tap it to get a response!

40. Ant Smasher iPhone & Android

Knock out as many ants as you can as they run across the screen using your finger to slide across the screen. But don’t hit the bees!

41. fruit ninja iPhone & Android

This game is about slicing as many fruit in one go to create a combo using your finger to slide across the screen, you can unlock different swords or make it harder by playing the arcade version with bombs. Bombs deduct points scored. Bonuses are also Fruit multiplier, banana freeze time, and fruit mania. Fun and addictive!

42. IWW lite iPhone

Helps kids start writing letters and numbers.

43. My first Tangrams iPhone & Android

Simplified for kids to allow them to be able to solve the Tangrams, with bright colourful shapes, challenges logic.

44. Monster at the end of THIS book iPhone

Immerses children in the story – narrated by Grover from Sesame Street. If you tap him he talks. Highlighting words to help build reading skills. Activities allow readers to decide when and how to move the story forward!

45. app shopper lets you record any paid apps you are interested in and notifys you if they have a free day

46. Project Injini Child Development Games

47. cut the rope iPhone & Android

Fun game with Om Nom the little monster needing your help to cut the rope so he can feast on candy. There are also bubbles to burst and stars to collect along the way, with enemies making it a little challenging!

48. spiderman iPhone & Android

there are a few different spiderman apps.

49. MX tube

Allows you to save youtube vids locally on your device (download them when you’re in a Wifi area)

50. Fruit Memory iphone

Is a multiplayer game, made with simple graphics. You are able to choose your own character, and selcet how many cards you wish to play with. Fruit Memory can be played as a memory game or as a solitaire game.

53. frisbee forever iphone & Android

Fly your Frisbee through 100 tracks. In 3D. Fun, fast and hidden bonuses.

54. Memory (Pairs Matching Game) iphone

Follows the basic game of Memory, where you match pairs of Animal cards. This app encourages visual judgement. It also allows you to ‘make your own’ pictures for the card!

55. Montessorium iphone

Based on the methodology of Montessori, this app allows kids to learn about flags, shapes, names and the geography of North America and more. The program is designed for learning through drawing, puzzles and challenges.

58. Nighty-Night iphone

Interactive bedtime app for children between 1-4 years of age. It allows children to learn about 7 interactive animals during their bedtime routine, with gentle music, the animals make noise, lay eggs until the children turn out the lights and the animals go to sleep. It also features an autoplay function.

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  3. Tracey says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these… I didnt know where to start!

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