Best Activities for Girls in Brisbane

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Regardless of her age, there is a virtually unlimited selection of activities in Brisbane to keep your Brisbane girl entertained. Check out these fun activities that will encourage your daughter to stretch her boundaries and maybe even discover a new passion.

Engaging activities for girls from baby and toddler age and upwards

Even before your Brisbane girl can sit, you can help her participate in social activities.

Playgroups are a fantastic starting point that will not only enable her to meet new people to play with, but might just make you some new friends too.

Music classes will encourage self-expression and a love of music in girls, even from a very young age.

Gymnastics helps to develop co-ordination and body strength, vital for learning to walk and move independently. YMCA and the PCYC start gym classes from 18 months of age.

Sports classes are a wonderful way of encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle from a young age. Classes in sports such as soccer and football are inclusive of girls and boys and start from around 2 years of age.

Swimming classes skills are so important, especially when living in Queensland. Learn to swim classes commence from as early as 2 months of age with a parent or guardian. Once your girl reaches about 3, she will be able to take classes without your assistance.

Play centres are an awesome way to let your Brisbane girl play in a safe environment and are ideal for hot, cold or rainy days. Most play centres have separate areas for younger children and a range of exciting equipment for the bigger kids. Tiddlywinks at Nundah is a super-awesome play centre that girls (and boys) love, with their regular disco sessions held throughout the day.

Creative classes are all about making mess, having lots of fun and developing skills in fine motor through to colour recognition and early literacy.

Language classes from 18 months of age teach not only languages other than English, but further communication skills through the use of song and play.

Fun pursuits for girls from preschool age and upwards

Dance & Drama classes will promote your Brisbane girl’s confidence, self-esteem and co-ordination. These activities provide an amazing opportunity for your girl to meet new people with common interests and to encourage friendships outside of her school group.

Self Defence and Martial Arts classes will also boost your daughter’s confidence. Many classes cover aspects of dealing with bullies and personal security, so they are perfect for teaching your Brisbane girl to be strong and stand up for herself in an appropriate manner.

Cooking classes will bring out the junior masterchef in your little girl and can start from 2 years of age. Cooking can provide a great bonding experience with other family members and friends.

Cool interests for girls from school age and upwards

Basketball and Netball are inclusive and social sports that are wonderful to participate in. Possessing skills in these sports can be fantastic for social and competitive games well into adulthood.

Girl Guides and Girls Brigade encourage self-respect and leadership skills and will educate your Brisbane girl with a flexible and dynamic values-based life training program.

Horse riding options, be it on a casual or a weekly basis, are scattered throughout Brisbane. Pony clubs not only hone skills in horse riding, but teach your Brisbane girl understanding and responsibility.

Robogals are an enthusiastic university student-run organisation that aims to encourage and nurture girls in the fields of engineering and technology. They run regular school holiday workshops for girls in grades 6 to 12 and will also visit schools to introduce to and train students in robotics.

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