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There are so many awesome activities for active boys in Brisbane! From babies to big school kids, we’ve come up with a list of interesting ideas that will keep your Brisbane boy interested all year round. Don’t be offended by the title of this post, lots of parents are searching using this particular phrase so we are simply writing this to ensure they can find us in the search engines. Ofcourse these activities would be loved by girls and boys!

Engaging activities for boys from baby and toddler age and upwards

Boys can get involved in heaps of fun activities right from when they are only a few months of age. Consider checking out these options –

Parks in Brisbane Fresh air and sunshine is what it’s all about! Let your little Brisbane boy burn off some energy, socialise with other kids and enjoy our fantastic Brisbane climate. Pack a picnic morning tea or lunch and make a day of it. Check out our Brisbane Parks map for a WOW park near you.

Playgroups At playgroup, your little boy will learn to socialise and play with peers, whilst you get to know other parents of children of a similar age in your area. Playgroups are a fantastic opportunity to build long-lasting friendships.

Music classes Participation in music classes encourages and helps develop several skills in young boys, in particular, gross and fine motor skills and language skills. Music classes also encourage socialisation.

Sports classes Active and healthy lifestyles should be encouraged from a young age. For young boys, group sports like soccer and football can be started from as young as 2 years old.

Swimming classes Water safety skills are incredibly important for Brisbane Kids. Swimming classes can be started from as young as 2 months of age to encourage an understanding of water safety.

Play centres Especially when it is cold or rainy, or even hot and steamy, play centres can be the ideal way to let your little boy burn off some energy whilst developing gross motor skills. Most play centres have separate areas for toddlers to keep them safe from boisterous older kids. This also includes a range of arcade, ninja courses, laserzones, puzzle rooms that will no doubt carry them through to adulthood. 

Creative classes Brisbane boys will love getting messy at a local art class. Creative classes are also a fabulous way to learn about colour recognition and literacy.

Language classes Through the use of song and play, language classes can engage boys from as young as 18 months of age, furthering communication skills.

Fun activities for boys from preschool age and upwards

Self Defence and Martial Arts classes are great for confidence building in younger boys. Not just about the physical actions of self-defence, these classes will teach your boy ways to be emotionally assertive if bullied and how to ensure their own personal security appropriately.

Cooking classes Some of the world’s top chefs are men! Encourage your boy’s inner masterchef to shine, then sit back and enjoy the spoils. Cooking together can also provide a lovely bonding experience with your Brisbane boy.

Cool activities for boys from school age and upwards          

Horse riding is both an active and educational activity for boys to be involved in. With many Pony clubs throughout Brisbane, your boy will also be taught compassion and responsibility for another living creature.

Whether it is at an indoor skatepark or an outdoor BMX track, bike riding, skateboarding and skating are rites of passage for Brisbane boys. There are dozens of outdoor skateparks around Brisbane. 

Fishing is yet another great skill for boys to have as they grow up. Social fishing can be a bonding experience between boys and their fathers and grandfathers, contributing to some fantastic adventures.

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