Fruit Picking at the Gold Coast

We all know that kids love fruit picking. They love getting outdoors, searching for the ripest, tastiest crop to harvest, and maybe even having a cheeky sample along the way! They also love learning about where our food comes from. If you’re out and about and would love to try fruit picking on the Gold Coast, why not check out some of these great places?

It’s easy to understand how many kids believe that our food simply comes from the supermarket, without any real comprehension of the process involved to get it there. Going fruit picking is a great way for them to discover how fresh produce is planted, nurtured and grown, and to better appreciate this food that we so often take for granted and the wonder of nature in producing something so awesome!

Freeman’s Organic Farm

At Freeman’s Organic Farm, they grow a range of seasonal fruit and organic vegetables all fresh from their farm. Picking your own strawberries at the farm is an activity that the kids love. Strawberry picking is seasonal, so it’s best to contact the farm in advance to check if this is available.

You can also buy their other amazing produce from their fruit and veg shop. Plus there are plans to make fruit picking for apples, figs and other fruits available in the future. For updates, check out the Freeman’s Organic Farm Facebook page, or for more information, visit their website at or call 5533 0119.

Freeman’s Organic Farm is located at 618 Tomewin Mountain Road, Currumbin Valley and is open 7 days a week – check their website for times.

Local Foraging Database

Another fun way of picking your own fruit is to go foraging for fruit growing freely in the wild. Knowing where to find such fruit used to be a closely guarded secret, but now there are some great tools to help you find free fruit in your area!

Falling Fruit at has an interactive map so you can see where free fruit can be foraged for on the Gold Coast and beyond!

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Tropical Fruit World

While not truly a ‘pick your own’ fruit experience, Tropical Fruit World is a great place to visit for kids to learn about fruit growing. It is a working farm, growing over 500 varieties of tropical fruit. Although you can’t wander the farm picking your own fruit, where a seasonal crop is plentiful, you may be invited to pick and sample the fruit as part of the park tour.

At Tropical Fruit World, you can enjoy a tractor train safari, feeding the animals at the fauna park, a wildlife boat cruise, miniature train ride, playing in the children’s playground and fruit tasting. You can also simply visit the Fruit Market (entry is free) to stock up on tropical fruit.

Tropical Fruit World is located at 29 Duranah Road, Duranbah (NSW) and is open from 10am to 4pm daily (Queensland time). For more information visit or call (02) 6677 7222. Read our review of Tropical Fruit World

tropical fruit world

Community Gardens

There are also some amazing community gardens around the Gold Coast. Many of these gardens are open to the public. Picking your own fruit in a community garden is a great way to meet others in your local area and to help to build and strengthen the local community. Getting involved in supporting and tending the garden is an even better way for kids to enjoy the full experience of growing the food they eat.

You can visit the Directory of Community Gardens at to find a garden near you.

Local Harvest at also shows community gardens, shown on the map as an apple symbol.

Fruit Picking in Brisbane

The Longan Farm

The Longan Farm grows longans, mangoes and dragon fruit available for picking. You can bring your own secateurs or borrow a pair for a deposit, although children are not allowed to use secateurs. They accept cash only and charge per kilo of fruit you pick. Just wear sensible clothes and bring a hat and water bottle and enjoy your fruit picking at the farm! Please note- this is not a tourist attraction. Longan Farms are a real working commercial farm but welcome the picking of their longans. Please go to their Facebook page listed below for what to expect, and how to dress appropriately for picking their delicious fruit. 

Longan Farm is located on the corner of Roberts and Raynbird Roads, Narangba. It is only open on certain days, depending on the season, so you should call 0498 020 227 or visit The Longan Farm’s Facebook page for updates before you go.

Strawberry Picking Chambers Flats

The Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm offers kids the chance the pick their own strawberries! Located in Chambers Flat on the South Side of Brisbane, The Berry Patch grows strawberries from June to November annually. Once the crops are ripe and plentiful, generally around late July, the patches are opened up to public strawberry picking. Your Brisbane Kids will love wandering the rows of strawberry plants searching for the biggest strawberry and picking all the ripe ones they find along the way.

Read our review of Chambers Flats Strawberries for more information and our general guide to Strawberry Picking in Brisbane



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