Friday Nights at Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, Skylore: Display Zone Exhibit, Friday nights at the Planetarium

If you are looking for something a little different to do with your family on a Friday night in Brisbane, something that will not only engage but educate your children in a fun and unique environment, then Brisbane City Council’s Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium at Mt Coot-ha is definitely worth a visit.

Adding to their already impressive list of sessions, shows and field programs designed specifically for public and school groups, the planetarium is now host to two new Friday night shows that are perfect for school-aged children and their families.

Dynamic Earth

Sir Thomas Planetarium sky dome

Each Friday night at 6:30pm visitors will be able to view Dynamic Earth, an internationally award-winning show that explores the inner workings of Earth’s climatic system, the relationship between the Sun and Earth, as well as contrasting our planet with the hothouse planet Venus. Narrated by Liam Neeson, Dynamic Earth is brought to life with clever animation and mesmerising music – all of which helps to captivate the audience and further illustrate what the narrator is explaining.

Most suited to children over 6 years of age, the 45-minute show time also includes a Projected Night Sky Tour. In this tour,visitors can see the planets, constellations and other exciting real-life features of space as Brisbane’s projected night sky surrounds them.

Bella Gaia

Recommended for a slightly older audience of 8 and older, Bella Gaia is a poetical musical journey around planet Earth, blending NASA science visualisations with cultural scenes from ancient Egypt to modern cities and explores the relationship between human civilization and our ecosystem, and simulates the new perspectives gained by orbiting astronauts.

This show is currently showing at 7.30pm on Friday nights and runs for approx. 45 minutes, including a projected night sky tour.

Skylore: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Astronomy

Skylore: Display Zone Exhibit

Once the shows are over (or beforehand if you have time) there are also plenty of other things to explore and learn about in the gallery and foyer’s Display Zone, including the latest addition Skylore: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Astronomy.

Australia’s first indigenous astronomy exhibition, Skylore is a permanent reminder of the legacy from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Reconciliation Action Plan and its vision towards a reconciled Australia.  It displays not only the rich heritage, traditions and culture of these communities but also their knowledge of the stars.

For more information about what’s on at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium visit or call Council on 3403 8888.


Single admission prices:

  • Adults $15.80
  • Children (3-14 years) $9.60
  • Concession card holders $13

Group admission prices:

  • Family (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children) $43 per family
  • Groups of adults (10 or more) $13.30 each*
  • Group of children (10 or more 3-14 years) $8.80 each*

*single payment is required for whole group

Three-show pass prices:

  • adults: $36
  • children (3-14 years): $22.

Three-show pass tickets are transferable and valid for one year, but can only be used to admit one individual per show. Bookings are required.

Find out more about visiting the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, as well as a program of shows and events at

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